WALSH: Doctors Give Gender-Confused Children Same Drug Used To Castrate Sex Offenders. NBC Calls It ‘Health Care.’

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Last week, The Daily Wire reported that a drug called Lupron, used as a puberty blocker for “transgender” children, has been linked to thousands of deaths. Shortly after this story was published, NBC News denounced The Daily Wire for pushing “fake news,” naming myself and Ben Shapiro as the culprits who shared and disseminated the “anti-transgender rhetoric.” Ironically, however, their article debunking our “fake news” is itself fake news.

NBC explains that Lupron is often used to treat prostate cancer in adult men and most of the deaths associated with the drug are “likely” among these patients. This is no doubt the case, and The Daily Wire never said otherwise. In fact, our original report specifically noted that Lupron is being prescribed off-label as a hormone blocker for gender-confused children. But think about what NBC is doing here. They are defending the use of this potentially dangerous drug among physically healthy children on the basis that it’s really designed for use among terminally ill men. Don’t worry, says NBC, Lupron is just chemically castrating children. Most of the people who die from it are adults. Sure, we don’t really know all the risks inherent in suppressing the normal growth and development of children who are confused about their gender, but it probably isn’t killing them, as far as we know, at this point. This is NBC’s argument.

Forget about adverse side effects for a minute. The desired effect of a drug like Lupron in a healthy child is adverse. It is intended to interfere with the normal, natural development of the child. The whole point is to force their bodies to artificially remain in a prepubescent state. If anything, The Daily Wire understated the dangers involved in this practice by focusing more on the side effect than the primary effect — which in itself is horrible enough.

NBC quotes a Dr. Jack Turban who discussed the hazards of “allowing puberty to progress.” Allowing it to progress? Puberty isn’t a disease. It isn’t cancer. Prostate cancer is cancer. That’s why Lupron makes sense in those cases. But doctors like Jack Turban want to treat a normal and healthy stage of growth as if it is a harmful malignancy.

If NBC was a real news outlet, it would be debunking this great fraud being perpetrated by the medical industry at the expense of innocent children. At the very least, it would express some level of skepticism at the claim that puberty should literally be treated like cancer if a child is confused about his gender. But there is no skepticism, much less moral indignation, on the part of NBC or any other left-wing outlet. Indeed, these slayers of the “fake news” dragon are more than happy to present radical far-left gender theory as fact. They even call puberty blockers “trans health care” right in the headline, with no indication that this form of “health care” is, to put it mildly, controversial. To put it a little less mildly, but still accurately, the drug used on physically healthy children is the same one used to castrate sex offenders. Here’s an interview with a sex addict who voluntarily went on the drug because he couldn’t stop himself from sleeping with prostitutes. It is this very same chemical that doctors now give to physically healthy prepubescent children. And NBC, without a whiff of skepticism, calls it “health care.”

In reality, no hormone drug could ever be an effective treatment for gender dysphoria, no matter the age of the sufferer. The gender dysphoric person feels “trapped inside a body that doesn’t match,” to use the National Health Service’s phrase. This obviously cannot be anything but a mental disorder. It should go without saying that a person cannot actually have the “wrong body.” It is not as if our minds are entirely separate entities that are poured inside our bodies like a liquid into a container on some sort of (apparently mistake-prone) cosmic assembly line. It is a very strange form of dualism that sees the human person this way.

I am my body. I can no more have the wrong sex than I can have the wrong right knee or wrong left pinky finger or wrong eye color. I am who I am, biologically speaking. I cannot be anything other than that, no matter how I might feel about it. If I have trouble accepting my biological nature, then the correct course of treatment must be one that helps me to accept it. Deforming, mutilating, poisoning, or castrating me, or suppressing my healthy physical development in any other way, would be precisely the wrong approach. It’s exactly like giving laxatives and a funhouse mirror to an anorexic. The anorexic believes she is fat when really she is not. It would be cruel to “treat” a person struggling with this disorder by helping them to better see themselves by the light of their delusion. The anorexic thinks she is fat but she is not. The gender dysphoric boy thinks he’s a girl but he is not. The confusion is the issue — not his body, not puberty, not his natural biological functions. Arguing for the opposite is the very epitome of fake news.

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