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WALSH: A New York Times Op-Ed Claims That Feminists Never Said We Should Believe All Women. That’s Nonsense.

By  Matt
Rear view of woman with fist in the air.
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To the surprise of precisely no one, the Left has transitioned from ignoring the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden to attempting to discredit his accuser, Tara Reade. A recent Politico piece portrays Reade as a “manipulative” and “deceitful” woman who “left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances.” And that’s just the headline. Many other articles have been written with this general theme.

This creates a a significant problem for people on the Left, especially feminists, who have spent the last several years insisting in no uncertain terms that we must believe all women. It would seem rather difficult to reconcile the Believe All Women mantra with the new slogan: Believe Some Women But Not The Deceitful Hussies Who Make Inconvenient Accusations Against Politicians We Support. How will they rectify this discrepancy? Well, apparently by denying that they ever said Believe All Women in the first place.

Ben Shapiro

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