Vegas Shooter Passed All Federal Background Checks, Had Ingredients For BOMB In His Vehicle


Late Monday afternoon, NBC News reported that the two Nevada gun shops that sold firearms to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock stated that he had passed all relevant federal background checks. According to David Familglietti, owner of New Frontier Armory, Paddock bought a rifle and a shotgun. “The rifle was not fully automatic and a shotgun isn’t capable of shooting from where he was,” Famiglietti explained. “My staff takes their job very seriously and if there were any ‘red flags’ the sale would have halted immediately.”

Christopher Sullivan of Guns & Guitars didn’t say what guns Paddock had purchased, but said, “All necessary background checks and procedures were followed, as required by local, state, and federal law.”

All of this comes after The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today that “investigators found 18 to 20 firearms, some fully automatic, in a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.” It is unclear whether a so-called “bump stock,” which allows semi-automatic rifles to simulate automatic rifle fire by using recoil from each shot to push the trigger into the shooter’s stationary trigger finger, were attached to the gun.

Local news now reports that ammonia nitrate, the ingredients for a fertilizer bomb, was found in Paddock’s vehicles as well.