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University Hosts Workshop On Masturbation Titled ‘Go F***k Yourself’

What are the kids learning in school these days? Well, at Princeton they have tutorials in BDSM and now, at Arizona State University, they have a masturbation workshop titled “Go F**k Yourself.”

Though the event’s title has since been changed to “Go Love Yourself,” images of the event’s first invitation, obtained by Campus Reform, show the original vulgarity:

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A description on the event’s Facebook page says that an expert will be present at the workshop to help students “[get] in touch” with themselves.

“Getting in touch with yourself by touching yourself,” the event description reads. “Join pleasure professional Natalie Treacy for a shame-free, pleasure focused discussion about masturbation and self exploration to get the pleasure you want and deserve.”

Previous descriptions of the workshop have linked it with the “O.School,” an organization dedicated to creating “intimate spaces to talk about sex and pleasure online.” The O.School hosts live streams and lectures “to help you overcome shame, heal from trauma, and develop skills to communicate and set boundaries in the pursuit of your sexual pleasure.”

“By bridging the gap between sexual assault and other topics such as gender identity, birth control, or STI prevention and testing, we have the power to positively affect intimacy on our campus,” the organization says.

According to the Undergraduate Student Government website, the organization is committed to backing “Arizona State University’s Culture of Intimacy” campaign in order to “change the climate around healthy sexuality.”