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UNC Activists Demand School Use ‘Anti-Racist Alerts’ For ‘White Supremacists,’ Examples Include Pro-Life Groups
WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 29: A pro-life activist holds a sign outside the U.S. Supreme Court during the 48th annual March for Life January 29, 2021 in Washington, DC. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a much smaller group of activists participated in the annual march that marked the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that had legalized abortion.
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A student club at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC) is demanding that the university create “anti-racist alerts” to inform students when “white supremacists” come to campus. 

Black Student Movement, a black student club, announced via the Twitter account “Anti-Racist Alerts” that they had sent a list of demands to the university’s Chancellor. The group is demanding that the school send out “anti-racist alerts” as part of the school alert system because “students should not have to sign up for a new service in order to hear when dangerous white supremacists are on campus.” 

“[We want the university] to include anti-racist alerts in the Alert Carolina system with the goal of increasing safety on campus for Black students ahead of what will likely be a tense year for our community,” the letter reads. “To prioritize transparency with students ahead of a dated and untrue image of campus as a utopia of diversity.”

Black Student Movement’s demand list also calls for “no agents of white supremacy” to be allowed on campus to help “protect Black students from hateful White Supremacist rhetoric.” Examples of white supremacist conversations include when the UNC College Republicans brought in former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and the pro-life group. 

“The demand from UNC Black Student Movement to discourage free discourse on campus is a dangerous one and should not be adhered to,” the UNC College Republicans said in a comment to Young America’s Foundation. “It is inappropriate and outrageous to say that Corey Lewandowski and President Trump are white supremacists and UNC College Republicans denounce that premise.”  

The demand list insists that the university erect a monument for James Cates, a 22-year-old black man from the Chapel Hill area who was stabbed to death on campus in 1970. The group demands that “the university should fund all costs for its creation.”

Black Student Movement also called on the university to remove the UNC police department from residence halls during move-in day. The group is particularly concerned with police presence on the south campus, “the region of campus with the largest concentration of Black students.” 

Left-wing activists on UNC’s campus have a history of calling even the most milquetoast conservative efforts “racist.” The school’s right-leaning, student-run paper had its website hacked and distribution boxes vandalized for putting out conservative commentary. 

The Daily Wire reported

On April 25, the Carolina Review had its newly installed magazine distribution boxes vandalized. The boxes had the letters “CR” imprinted on the side. A vandal used a black sharpie marker to write “Racist” using the “R” in “CR.” 

A few hours after students noticed the vandalism, a hacker got on the publication’s website and “destroyed” 15 years of online content … The new masthead displayed Editor-in-Chief Bryson’s Piscitelli’s name with the message “Nazi scum f**k off.” 

UNC has also been embroiled in controversy over the past weeks after the university offered a tenured position to the New York Times’s “1619 Project” author Nikole Hannah-Jones. UNC’s Board of Trustees expressed doubts about giving Hannah-Jones immediate tenure, though ultimately approved of it. Hannah-Jones rejected UNC’s offer after spending weeks complaining.

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