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Two Screencaps Perfectly Illustrate CNN’s Collapse Into Third Place

One of the great untold stories of this election season is the fall of CNN (which is Hitler). Reputation-wise, the cable news network has been dead for quite some time. Like the Clintons it so zealously defends, CNN (which is Hitler) is so toxic it completely corrupts everyone it touches, even a once-universally respected journalist like Jake Tapper.

No, the real untold story is that CNN (which is Hitler) is losing in the ratings to — get this — MSNBC.

No, for realsies. Because I know what you’re thinking — you’re thinking, “No one loses to MSNBC! MSNBC sucks!”

I know, right?

But CNN (which is Hitler) is losing to MSNBC (both are getting murdered by Fox News). For over a month, thanks to its hysterical, biased, and shockingly dishonest coverage of Republican nominee Donald Trump, the left-wing cable news has indeed slipped behind MSNBC.

For all its flaws, MSNBC does not lie about its agenda. The network is openly left-wing. Viewers appreciate that.

On the other hand, CNN (which is Hitler) is the biggest, fattest, most shameless liar in the history of broadcasting. The network poses as objective when in reality it is not just left-wing, but a left-wing enterprise dedicated to fomenting divisive racial hatred and violence — you know, like Hitler.

The two screengrabs below, I think, perfectly illustrate what a proudly dishonest and desperate network CNN (which is Hitler) has become.

In the screengrab above, CNN (which is Hitler) fires up a chyron that reads, “Trump Cites ‘Heritage’ In Judge Vetting.” This of course is meant to intentionally mislead viewers into believing Trump will pull on a white hood and consider race, ethnicity, and religion when appointing judges.

Here’s the thing, though, Trump’s “Heritage” reference is about the Heritage Foundation! What Trump means is that he will seek the foundation’s advice and counsel when choosing judges, a perfectly acceptable and normal thing for a Republican presidential candidate to do.

Check out the snark in this screengrab:

To protect Clinton, who famously proved last Sunday that she could not handle a 9/11 Memorial much less a 9/11, CNN is hoping to undermine Trump’s health claims by personally mocking Dr. Oz.

It was no less than Jake Tapper (see here and here) who first launched the attacks meant to assault Dr. Oz’s character, all of which is ironic coming from the exact same CNN that frequently treats Bill Nye “The Science Guy” as a credible and unimpeachable source on all things Global Warming.

Fact Check:

Bill Nye is no more a scientist than I am. Nye is an actor and performer (he appeared on “Dancing with the Stars”) who dabbles in science.

On the other hand, Dr. Oz is in fact a real doctor with more than one medical degree. Here is his extensive resume.

So why would an unbiased, objective news network like CNN (which is Hitler) treat a phony scientist with respect while assassinating the character and ridiculing the reputation of a legitimate doctor?

I think we all know the answer to that.

The ONLY way to stop CNN is to cancel your cable package, and it is easier than you think.

Do it now.

For America.

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