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Twitter Is Going Crazy Over This Gay Nativity Scene

Apparently, 2017 has become the year of the gay Christmas characters. On top of this children’s book depicting a gay Santa in a biracial marriage, we now have a gay Nativity scene — or “Gaytivity,” if you will — featuring two Josephs kneeling over the baby Jesus.

Here’s how a glowing Refinery 29 article described the scene: “What if it wasn’t Mary and Joesph who met their child that night, but instead Murray and Joseph? Or Marty and Joseph?”

Except that would be virtually impossible, because neither “Marty” nor Joseph could bear a child in their womb. It also wouldn’t go over well with Jewish law at the time. Not that any of that matters, since the display simply exists to mock the very idea of Christmas itself — that a virgin birth from a woman’s womb could bring about the salvation of the world.

It makes sense for the LGBTQ crowd to wave their pom-poms for it, but why the feminists of Refinery 29? Nothing says “boys club” quite like two dudes fathering the most influential human being — who’s also male — throughout all of history, while women are nowhere to be found.

Erected in California, the “Gaytivity” scene was discovered by queer comedienne Cameron Esposito, who quickly posted it to Twitter to say she was “beaming” at the Christianity-mocking scene. The Twitterverse soon followed her lead:

People then seized the opportunity to highlight the scene’s inherently “accurate” theology:

Of course, if there can be a “Gaytivity,” then that means a “Lestivity” with two Marys was sure to come. Behold:

Tomorrow, comedian Stephen Colbert will surely dedicate his opening monologue to gaslighting us conservatives on the “War on Christmas” narrative. Add the “Gaytivity” scene to yesterdays list expounding on the “Top 10 ‘War On Christmas’ Fails Of All Time.”

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