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Trump To Sign Ban On Late-Term Abortions

Speaking to pro-life leader Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, President Donald Trump said it is a “high priority” for him to sign a proposed bill banning abortions on babies after 20 weeks, who are capable of feeling pain.

The “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” will be voted on in the House on October 3, and is expected to pass. If the act can muster 60 votes in the Senate, where Republicans have a majority (52 seats), the important pro-life legislation will be codified by the president.

The bill was blocked by Senate Democrats back in 2015.

“Not only will passing this legislation keep a promise we made, but all the work is for the same goal: ending suffering and helping people live,” said Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), on Tuesday.

As noted by The Hill, the legislation is sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) and would criminalize abortionists performing the procedure post 20 weeks. The women seeking the abortion will not be punished.

“We want to be there for the woman, and we know we need a law to protect the children,” said Dannenfelser.

The pro-life leader is not only optimistic that the bill will make it through the Senate and be signed by the POTUS, Dannenfelser believes the media will cover it.

“This will be a big issue in the 2018 Senate elections,” she explained.

“The other thing that is different this time is that the president of the United States, who I talked with last night at the White House about this, considers it a high priority,” added Dannenfelser. “So this has become now a national conversation, not just a conversation that you have off on the sidelines.”

“I have really found that over the last several years, of dealing especially with this 20-week bill that the media in general are listening,” she said, optimistically. “I mean, there are obviously exceptions.”

“But because this really appeals to the basic humanity of people, I’m not saying that they’re on our side, or they’re agreeing, but I think when the — that when they’re faced with this issue, they at least get it,” she continued. “Sometimes they don’t even get our issues.”

“The only way that media bias could really kill this is by not reporting it at all, which is, of course, one tactic that happens a lot. That would be something of concern,” Dannenfelser added. “But I’m finding mainstream outlets with reporters that they understand why it resonates. They basically get most of the arguments out and frankly, without the pressure of really good outlets, I don’t think that would have happened.”

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