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‘Truly Jaw-Dropping Stuff’: Fans Rave About Candace Owens’ Doc ‘Convicting A Murderer’

It should come as no surprise that no mainstream critics have bothered to review Candace Owens’ explosive new documentary, “Convicting a Murderer,” which uncovers the deceptive reporting tactics used in Netflix’s hit series, “Making a Murderer.”

The critics pulled this same stunt with Owens’ “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM” and Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?” These mainstream reviewers seem to think if they ignore projects that don’t fit their worldview, they’ll just go away. But the buzz around “CAM” and the exceptional audience reviews prove that this documentary isn’t going anywhere.

Those reviewers may be silent but fans can’t stop talking about the revelations found in “CAM,” which premiered its first three episodes on September 8. So far, audiences have been introduced to a few of the inconsistencies in storytelling found in “MAM.” These key details made audiences doubt if Steven Avery really killed Teresa Halbach or if he was framed by Manitowoc County police officers.

Some of the most shocking details left on the cutting room floor delved into Avery’s previous crimes, which included animal cruelty, harassment, and domestic violence, to name a few. Owens made sure all the details about Avery setting the family cat on fire and intentionally dousing it in gasoline and throwing it back in when it tried to escape were explored in “CAM.”

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One viewer on X said the animal cruelty story was a crucial piece of evidence that helped paint a complete picture of Avery’s character.

“Serial killers almost always start out killing small animals. Steven Avery, a man who is a convicted murderer, potential rapist, and domestic abuser — did just that,” the tweet says.

“One time, he set a cat on fire, and when the cat tried to crawl out of the fire, Avery doused the cat in gasoline and threw it back into the burning pit. Another time, his dog ran away and Avery went to go retrieve it. To punish the dog, he dragged the dog by a chain on the road. The dog was covered in blood on death’s doorstep.”

“With all of this information, why did Netflix still continue to glorify and promote Avery as a victim in their ‘Making a Murderer’ series?”

This question and so many others are what prompted Owens to dive deeper into the Steven Avery case. Like most of America, the Daily Wire podcast host admitted she was deceived when the documentary aired in 2018 and thought for sure Avery was an innocent man who got framed. But after doing some digging, she found a very different reality.

Mainstream critics may be ignoring it, but viewers are hooked on “Convicting a Murderer” and have already given it an incredible 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s also the number two most popular television documentary on the reviews site right now.

One fan wrote, “I’ve only watched to first two episodes so far, but I can tell that ‘Convicting a Murderer’ is going to shed some light not only on the truth behind both the Steven Avery case and the Brendan Dassey case, but facts about Steven Avery himself that the filmmakers of ‘Making a Murder[er]’ conveniently left out. A must watch for anyone who cares about the truth and not just a one-sided narrative.”

“It is mind boggling how Netflix got away with making millions of dollars lying about Steven Avery,” another person shared. “One episode is all I needed to see, (I have seen the first 3) to know this man is pure evil and guilty! Thank you [Candace Owens] for always digging deep to reveal the TRUTH!!”

“3 episodes in, and I’m hooked. Truly jaw dropping stuff,” a third agreed.

“This documentary sheds an entirely new light on the Steven Avery saga & depicts a much different story than the skewed version we were given on Making a Murderer,” echoed another viewer. “It’s baffling that the documentarians who made that series could withhold pertinent details that paint Steven as an innocent man being framed by law enforcement when he was not and is not by any stretch. The first 3 episodes have been eye opening and riveting and I’m chomping at the bit for the rest of the series to see what’s to come!”

There were more key details besides Avery being cruel to animals that filmmakers intentionally left out of the series “Making a Murderer.” While they did touch on the story of Avery trying to run his cousin Sandra Morris off the road, they didn’t tell the whole story about how Avery threatened her with a gun when she had a young child in the car.

“CAM” also explains the alleged sexual relationship Avery had with his 17-year-old niece, which wasn’t included in the Netflix series at all. While these details alone don’t prove he murdered Halbach, they do help paint a picture of what kind of person Avery was and whether he was capable of murder.

So much has already been done in three jam-packed episodes to unravel the deceptions filmmakers used to make Avery a sympathetic character. But Owens is just getting started. In the final seven episodes of “Convicting a Murderer,” even more secrets and lies will come to light that will make viewers see Avery in and the case in a whole new light. It’s time to finally find out the truth on why the jury found him guilty.

If you missed the “Convicting a Murderer” series premiere, you can still catch up here. The remaining seven episodes will debut weekly on DailyWire+ every Thursday.


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