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THR Critic Flips Off ‘Roseanne’ Audience: ‘Live Your Tragically Insular, Religiously Hypocritical White Lives Somewhere I’m Not’

Dear Pompous Leftists,

Do you want to know the secret of how a guy like President Trump got elected to become the president of these United States? One could search ad nauseam for reasons, but the latest hate-screed from TV critic Tim Goodman in The Hollywood Reporter is the X-that-marks-the-spot of reasons that Trump got elected.

Tim Goodman has little regard for you Trump-supporters; in fact, he would rather wall up in his hollow shell of a left-wing hate bubble than so much as “suffer your breathing” should you two ever cross paths. It is clear, by his own admission, throughout Tim Goodman’s long-winded diatribe that he is a hateful man who looks into the pool of Trump supporters and sees only himself reflected back.

Speaking about his disdain for the openly pro-Trump “Roseanne” reunion, Tim Goodman laments how the show gave a bunch of “tragically insular, religiously hypocritical” white people a platform to voice themselves in the broader culture.

I don’t care to understand my divided country from that perspective — I know that perspective because I’m living in it, reading about it and watching its supporters behave badly while also in it. I’m not just happy to be in a bubble from people like the fictional Roseanne (or the real one) — I delight in the distance. I’m a proud coastal elite. I don’t want any part of those Roseanne-esque people and their ignorance or viewpoints. That’s not soap-boxing — that’s fact. Live your tragically insular, religiously hypocritical white lives somewhere I’m not. I’m fine with the divide — you do you. Let’s never meet and I’ll ignore you and suffer your breathing if we do.

Keep in mind, Goodman says this while shows like “Will & Grace” frequently compare Republicans to Nazis and shows like “Scandal” feature the main character undergoing an abortion to the tune of “Silent Night.” He has a whole slew —actually, the entire culture — of entertainment media that endorses his Godless, elitist, sycophantic worldview, and yet he picks the one show that spoils the party for him.

In other words, Tim Goodman acts like the spoiled brat who beats up the loner, scrawny kid that his mom invited to his birthday party out of sympathy: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

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