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Situation Gets Worse For Teacher Who Allegedly Called Kyle Kashuv ‘Next Hitler’

On Thursday, the situation regarding the teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who allegedly called student Kyle Kashuv “the next Hitler” became more serious as the school district confirmed that the school is now investigating the incident.

In a statement to The Daily Wire, Broward County Public Schools official Nadine Drew wrote:

School leaders take all matters involving students and staff seriously. They are aware of the allegations and are looking into the matter.

The alleged incident unfolded on Wednesday when two students claimed that American History teacher Greg Pittman told students in his classroom that Kashuv was “the next Hitler,” and said that Kashuv was “dangerous” and something needed to be done about him.

Pittman, who has attacked Kashuv multiple times on Twitter, started the situation when he attacked Kashuv for posing in a picture with of a gun that he was shooting at a shooting range with his father. Pittman accused Kashuv of being the only student in the school not “smart enough” to know not to post pictures like that and accused him of taking the photos because he wanted attention and wanted to pick up Twitter followers.

Kashuv rejected Pittman’s accusations, informing The Daily Wire that it was his first time ever shooting a gun and that he was invited to go, indicating that it was not something that he sought out.

The Daily Wire reached out to school officials at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, whose only response to the allegations against Pittman was “no comment.”

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