The Truth About The Covenant School Shooting Is Finally Coming Out. And It’s Exactly What We Thought.

NASHVILLE, TN - MARCH 29: Pictures of the victims killed in a mass shooting on Monday at The Covenant School are fixed to a memorial by Noah Reich (left) and David Maldonado from the non-profit Classroom of Compassion, near the school on March 29, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. Three students and three adults were killed by the 28-year-old shooter. (Photo by Seth Herald/Getty Images)
Seth Herald/Getty Images

The same day that a trans-identifying shooter opened fire at a Christian school in Nashville, killing three nine-year-old children and three adults, it took just a few hours for the corporate press to inform us that the real victims were not the people who had just been murdered. Instead, we were instructed to reserve our remorse for the so-called “transgender community,” who were supposedly being “attacked.”

Here’s how one NBC affiliate covered the story on the same day as the shooting. Watch:

I didn’t edit that footage in any way. It’s a full minute from the news report on the day of the shooting. They don’t express any concern whatsoever for the men, women and children who were just mowed down in this Christian school.

Instead, the NBC affiliate talks about “anti-trans bills.” They show a tweet from Marjorie Taylor Greene, in which she asks what medications the shooter was taking. We’re told that her question was “concerning” and that the transgender community “fears attacks.” Never mind the Christian community that was just actually attacked. And then there’s a trans activist who says it would be “very unfair” to suggest that the shooter’s motivation had anything to do with the fact that she identified as transgender.

Multiply this report by about a thousand, and you get a sense of what the coverage was like in the wake of his mass shooting. And then of course, the White House got involved and amplified the message. Under no circumstances were you allowed to ask what medications might be involved, nor could you suggest that the shooter’s transgender status was relevant in any way.

It was always very clear why we were being told to shut up and stop asking these questions. Whenever you’re told not to look into something, that’s usually because the truth is unapproved and highly inconvenient for the people in charge. And now — more than a year later, thanks largely to reporting from Tom Pappert at the Tennessee Star — we have confirmation of that fact. 

The Star just obtained several additional pages of the shooter’s manifesto, as well as a search warrant served by Metro Nashville Police on Vanderbilt Medical Center and a memo sent by the FBI to the Nashville PD. I’ll start with the search warrant, which, according to The Star, reveals:

[The shooter] was given access to Buspirone, Lexapro or Escitalopram, Hydroxyzine, and a sodium chloride nasal spray. … Lexapro or Escitalopram is a depression medication from the family of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Common side effects for Lexapro include ‘mood swings, headache, tiredness, sleep changes, and brief feelings similar to electric shock.’

The Star also reports:

…using Lexapro and Buspirone simultaneously, or Lexapro and Hydroxyzine simultaneously, can ‘increase the risk of side effects’ from both Lexapro and the other drugs.

(Note: This is not an exhaustive list of the drugs the shooter was taking; it’s all we can tell from the search warrant obtained by The Star.)

The upshot is that Marjorie Taylor Green’s question was not, in fact, ridiculous or conspiratorial at all. She was exactly right to suggest that, at a minimum, the shooter might be on SSRIs. About eight months ago, I did a monologue on the clear and undeniable link between SSRIs and mass shootings. A lot of “official” government data often downplays this connection, as I outlined at the time, but it’s clearly there. 

WATCH: The Matt Walsh Show

To give just one example, a recent paper in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine found that the use of antidepressants doubled the risk of suicidality and violence. They used data going back to the 1960s, and cited dozens of trials. But the official numbers minimize the impact of SSRIs on mass shootings, in part by counting hood violence as “mass shootings.”

And now the Covenant School shooting in Nashville appears to be yet another mass shooting in which the shooter was taking SSRIs — drugs that are well-known to cause increased agitation in some people. The labels even warn that this side effect is possible. So why aren’t more people asking whether SSRIs are actually helping reduce violence and depression at all? It was just a couple of years ago that we learned that SSRIs don’t actually work the way we were told they work. It turns out there’s no clear link between low serotonin and depression after all. And meanwhile, as we’re hopping up the entire country on SSRIs, rates of depression and mass shootings are only increasing.

Incidentally, so are instances of so-called “trans-identifying” individuals. There are now more trans people than ever. And — by their own admission, and according to the Left’s own words — they’re one of the most depressed demographics on the planet. But even after a transgender shooter opened fire in a school, you weren’t allowed to suggest that the shooter’s motivation had anything to do with transgenderism — or even about politics in general. Do that, and the media labeled you a conspiracy theorist, instantly.

Here’s News Channel 5 in Nashville, a week after the shooting:

So there’s nothing political in the manifesto, according to the director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. There’s nothing coherent at all, except maybe a desire to emulate school shooters. That’s what they told us, and if you asked questions — as you just saw — the media labeled you a conspiracy theorist. But at the same time, they wouldn’t let us see the manifesto for ourselves. That was a pretty big clue that they were lying to us. And indeed, once again thanks to the Tennessee Star, we have the proof.

Before I get into The Star’s findings, a quick recap. Late last year, as you might remember, Stephen Crowder posted some excerpts of the shooter’s manifesto, which he obtained from law enforcement sources. Those excerpts already demonstrated that the authorities were lying. The shooter wrote about her hatred for “crackers” who go to “private fancy schools.” So that’s an anti-white slur which the authorities tried to hide. 

Now, The Star, with the help of law enforcement sources, has shed even more light on what the authorities were hiding. And their findings paint a very clear picture of a mentally disturbed individual who wrote — just weeks before the killings, apparently — about her desire to change her gender

[The shooter’s] diary or journal entry begins with the title ‘My Imaginary Penis’; and includes a crude drawing. ‘My penis exists in my head. I swear to god I’m a male.’ … She then wrote about her desire to have a penis for the purpose of heterosexual sex with a woman.’

The shooter also railed against her conservative upbringing, calling it “torture.” She described having intercourse with dolls, as well.

I hate parental views; how my mom sees me as a daughter. … God, I’m such a pervert.

She also wrote about puberty blockers:

I’d kill to have those resources; 2007 was the birth of puberty blockers and a newfound discovery for treatment of non-conforming transgender children…

Now you’re starting to see exactly why we weren’t allowed to read the full manifesto. It presents a very clear and direct link between the shooter’s “trans identity” and the murders. This was not a shooter who just “happened to be trans,” as the media suggested. That’s what the government and the corporate press wanted you to think, so that you wouldn’t have any unapproved thoughts of any kind. They also didn’t want you to blame their rhetoric for these deaths. So buried this manifesto as best they could.

In fact, The Star obtained a memo from Joe Biden’s FBI to the Nashville PD, shortly after The Star requested the government release the manifesto. In the memo, the FBI tells the Nashville police that they, “strongly discourage[] public dissemination of any legacy tokens.” That term — “legacy tokens” — is FBI lingo for the manifesto, and any other writings of the shooter. 

The report in The Star continues:

The FBI acknowledges [in its memo to the Tennessee police] that the desire for public release of ‘legacy tokens’ often ‘revolves around the public’s need to understand what led to such tragic events.’ However, the FBI claims ‘legacy tokens’ seldom provide such comfort, and instead could lead the public ‘to dismiss the attacker as mentally ill’ … The FBI, in its third point, claims that releasing ‘legacy tokens’ will lead to the spread of ‘false narratives.’

You know that’s a lie because the FBI’s failure to release the manifesto is what led to false narratives, as you just saw. Without the manifesto, the media was free to lie to us — and pretend that there was no relation whatsoever between the shooter’s transgender identity and the killings. But in fact, there was a clear relationship. This shooter was clearly enraged about the fact she couldn’t be a man. Joe Biden’s DOJ understands that this kind of revelation might be a set back for the White House’s narrative, so they just covered it up. They told you that the “trans community” was in danger instead.

In a country where the government actually cared about the well-being of its own citizens, and felt the slightest need to be honest with them, this would be a national scandal. The FBI director and the senior leadership of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation would all be fired immediately, at a minimum. But our government instead lies as a matter of course — and they’re not subtle about it. That’s why the government’s narrative about the Tennessee shooter is just one of several mainstream lies, cooked up by the government and promoted by the media, that we’re only learning about this week.

Here’s another one.

In his first testimony since leaving office, Tony Fauci just admitted under oath that the whole “six feet of social distancing” was completely made up. There was no basis for it whatsoever. The guy who goes around calling himself the embodiment of “science” actually had no “Science” to support social distancing. Watch:

I don’t need to remind you of this, but pretty much every single venue on the planet — from restaurants to schools to grocery stores and so on — mandated six feet of separation at all times during COVID. And yet there was never any testing to confirm that it actually helped, just like there was no experiment that ever determined lockdowns were a good idea. And now we learn, years after the fact — long after it stopped being important — that it was all a lie. The lockdowns did more harm than good and the social distancing rules were nothing more than a power trip.

And that wasn’t all Fauci lied about. He also denied under oath that he had any role in squashing the lab leak theory. Watch:

First of all, no one said Tony Fauci was like Jason Bourne parachuting into the CIA or whatever. You can tell he’s thought a lot about that fantasy, which is weird. This is a total red herring. What people did say is that Tony Fauci funded the lab that may have created the virus, which is true. And then people said that Tony Fauci conspired to shut down any discussion of the lab leak, which also appears to be true. He denied it under oath, but there’s at least some reason to think it happened.

Here’s an interview that Megyn Kelly did back in November of 2022 with Doctor Robert Garry, who’s one of the leading epidemiologists in this country. Initially, Garry thought the lab leak was the only possible explanation for the origin of COVID. And he communicated that in an email that surfaced in a public records request at the time.

Watch how Garry explains his decision to change his mind:

Oh. So Rob Garry first says there’s no way this virus occurred naturally. It must be man-made. That’s his assessment. Then he talks to Tony Fauci and suddenly, he says it definitely came from nature. Disregard what he said before about the lab. He was just drunk at a Mardi Gras ball, I guess. Nothing to see here.

If this happened just once or twice, maybe you could write it off as a harmless coincidence. But it keeps happening. We keep on learning that we’re being lied to in new and different ways, all the time.

Just the other day, for instance, the Telegraph finally admitted that the COVID vax might have contributed to all these excess, unexplained deaths we’ve been seeing in recent years. As far as I can tell, this is the first mainstream admission of this possibility:

Covid vaccines could be partly to blame for the rise in excess deaths since the pandemic, scientists have suggested. Researchers from The Netherlands analysed data from 47 Western countries and discovered there had been more than three million excess deaths since 2020, with the trend continuing despite the rollout of vaccines and containment measures.

Well that’s good to know. Three million more people just died than normal, and now we’re learning that this experimental MRNA vaccine might have had something to do with it. This is a possibility that was never even discussed in the mainstream when these COVID shots were rolled out. We were told they were totally safe and effective, not that they might contribute to the deaths of millions of people. But now we can finally have that conversation, because enough time has passed that it doesn’t matter anymore.

In all of these cases I’ve discussed — the Covenant shooting, the social distancing B.S., the lab leak coverup, and the lies about the vaccine — the corporate press and the government are lying about the truth for the same basic reason: They understand that the truth would expose their underlying ideology as a complete fraud. The “experts” don’t actually know what they’re talking about. “Public health” is based on vibes, not logic or science.

Your best guess about the ideal response to COVID response is better than theirs.

Your intuitive understanding of transgenderism and mental illness is better than theirs.

The most fundamental belief of the elites — which is that they’re elites because they’re more knowledgeable and intelligent than you are — would come crashing down instantly if you could see what they’re hiding. That’s what they fear most. And after the revelations of this week, for the first time in a very long time, that fear is justified.

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