The Transgender Movement Is Morphing Into The Transhumanist Movement And The Results Are Horrific

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It’s been more than two weeks since the WPATH files demonstrated very clearly that so-called “transgender medicine” is the single most unethical and barbaric practice that the medical industry has ever endorsed.

It’s a coordinated effort to permanently destroy the bodies of thousands of young children. The doctors who are involved in this butchery understand very well that children cannot consent to permanent sterilization and amputation. They’ve said it on tape, as the WPATH files prove, and yet, despite these revelations, no major hospital has announced that they’re cutting ties with WPATH. In fact, they haven’t responded to the WPATH files at all.

Instead, as of today, hospitals like UCLA and Massachusetts General proudly declare on their websites that they carefully follow WPATH’s so-called “standards of care” as they castrate their underage patients.

What this means is that the medical industry is all-in on WPATH. Hospitals and medical associations aren’t going to disassociate with these quacks, at least not until they’re forced to.

They simply don’t care about the fact that they’re ruining the lives of children who can’t provide informed consent. In practical terms, for now, this means that some of the most disturbed and ideologically driven deviants on the planet — the “experts” at WPATH — will continue to write the book on so-called trans medicine. They have free rein.

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So it’s worth taking a closer look at who exactly these “experts” are, since no one else in the medical establishment is interested in doing so. As Genspect highlighted this week, one of these experts is a New York psychotherapist using the name “Laura Jacobs.” On his website, Jacobs proudly lists his affiliation with WPATH, including his work on formulating WPATH’s “standards of care.”

Reduxx looked further into Laura Jacob’s background. They found that he quote, “influenced the development of transgender health guidelines regarding ‘gender dysphoria’ in adolescents [and] previously contributed a chapter to an anthology in which he promotes BDSM practices, including ‘age play’ and ‘genital torture.’”

Apparently, this is the kind of resume that qualifies a man to become a WPATH-certified expert, and to come up with the highly permissive criteria that doctors use in order to castrate children all over the country.

And yet, if you look a little closer, this guy is somehow even weirder and more unsettling than his bio would suggest.

This is a video that was found by a researcher named Jonny Bell. It’s from a TedX talk that Jacobs delivered a couple of years ago. Watch as Laura Jacobs begins by explaining his own “gender identity”:


There’s more to this clip, but it’s important to stop there and highlight the complete and total incoherence of what you just heard. WPATH-certified medical professional Laura Jacobs says he likes to “play with gender,” which means he’s “gender-queer.” He says he “feels female and male.” He also feels both and neither, at the same time. He says that various labels feel “equally authentic and inauthentic.”

It’s hard to think of a better illustration of the way trans activists can string sentences together that mean absolutely nothing. It’s a characteristic that every single trans activist has in common, without fail.

They advance their ideas not by convincing anyone, but by confusing them.

Authenticity is the opposite of inauthenticity. Male is the opposite of female. If you think something can be two mutually incompatible things at the same exact time, then you are extremely confused on every conceivable level.

This is no different from saying that someone can be a bachelor and married at the same time, or that a square can be a square while equally being a circle. It’s the definition of nonsense. And this is how gender ideology is promoted. Not with arguments or explanations, but with an avalanche of pure, unbridled nonsense, that, the ideologues hope, will distract and confuse you so much that you throw up your hands and agree with whatever crap they’re spewing. And here I’m assuming that Jacobs knows he’s saying a bunch of nonsensical drivel. If he thinks that it actually makes sense then instead of working on the medical standards that every major hospital follows, these 30 seconds are strong evidence that “Laura Jacobs” should probably seek some help himself.

Although what comes next is even better evidence of that last point.

Laura Jacobs doesn’t stop there. Narcissists never admit defeat, even when their own arguments are self-defeating. Instead, Jacob launches into an extremely creepy transhumanist monologue. As you watch this, keep in mind, again, that this is a representative for WPATH, which every major medical organization and hospital currently pretends is a legitimate authority. Watch:

“Do we have to stick to penis & vagina norms?” asks Jacobs. “Can we have genitalia that look like flowers or abstract sculpture? Can we have multiple? Can they be interchangeable? And what about other areas of the body?”

This is body-horror at its most deranged. If a filmmaker made a horror movie where people were walking around with genitals that looks like abstract sculptures, I’d think that filmmaker was a deranged creep. But Jacobs wants to do this in real life.

Once you get past the raw, human disgust that you feel listening to someone talk like this, you begin to recognize that it was inevitable that we’d get to this point. Transgenderism — the belief that people can change their gender — has always had a lot in common with transhumanism, which involves the use of technology to alter the human condition. It was unavoidable that the two ideologies would converge, as they are really the same ideology — dimensions of the same basic idea. Both transgenderism and transhumanism are grounded in a rejection of both the classical and Christian traditions of human nature. They want to make human beings gods over themselves, over their own nature.

Transgenderism and transhumanism have more in common with Machiavelli, who taught that the only truth is “effectual truth” — meaning, what you can control. There is no transcendent authority in this understanding. Humans are their own gods. That is the essence of transgenderism, and now it’s coming to the forefront. More and more, people identifying as transgender are admitting that they’re not really receiving “medical care” or anything like that. That was always a lie — one that WPATH was founded in order to spread. Now we’re seeing so-called “transgender” individuals coming right out and admitting that their real goal is to embrace transhumanism. They don’t just want to change genders; they want to redesign their entire body. They don’t want to resemble men or women; they want to carve up their body parts into starfish and flowers.

It’s not just one WPATH quack who’s pushing this, as disturbing as that would be. The child psychologist Elliot Kaminetzky recently noted that the popular website Healthline recommends that visitors talk to a surgeon if they’re interested in splitting their penis in half, or creating other various designs out of their genitalia. There are various diagrams on Heathline’s website that are too graphic to share. This is supposedly a leading website that people turn to for medical information. Like WPATH, they’re trying to normalize genital mutilation, not in the name of transgenderism, but in the name of transhumanism.

Spend some time on social media, and you’ll find this idea is catching on. Here’s a few clips from an upcoming documentary on this topic. Listen to how young people are talking about transgenderism and how they perceive themselves:

There was always a contradiction between transgenderism and Christianity. And now a lot of trans activists are making that contradiction explicit. They’re denying that man was made in God’s likeness, which is obviously a biblical teaching, and instead, they’re equating man with various inert objects, like wheat and grapes. Which means the whole pretense of “transgender medicine” is long gone. We’re entering into blasphemous, cultish territory here, and they’re basically admitting it. And again, this is a rapidly growing segment of the so-called trans community that’s talking like this.

Go on YouTube, and you’ll find an assortment of demented videos about so-called trans people who think they’ve transformed into lizards and dragons. And they have millions of views. Here are just two of them:

The upshot of all this insanity, again, is that the veneer of transgenderism as some kind of serious medical discipline is fading, and it’s fading very quickly. We’ve seen how trans activists claim to be preoccupied with “gender-affirming care” and “freedom,” but in many cases, it’s really a trojan horse for the weirdest and most unhinged excesses of transhumanism.

And make no mistake about it — top hospitals in the country endorse this. Until they disavow WPATH and the freak shows like “Laura Jacobs” who work with them, then there’s really no other conclusion we can draw. Increasingly, transgenderism is explicitly about mutilation and body modification in order to achieve some sort of godlike status. And it’s very clear that these ghouls will sacrifice many more children on their quest for divinity, unless and until they’re finally destroyed for good.

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