The Radical Wokeness Of The Video Game Industry

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Here’s a statistic that, at least if you were born at any point prior to the 1990s, is probably pretty hard to believe. By revenue, the gaming industry is bigger than both the movie industry and the music industry — combined. And for the past several years, it hasn’t been particularly close. The difference is consistently more than $100 billion per year. Games are a massive market, one that’s mostly targeted at young people. But despite those numbers, for the most part, the games industry has avoided mainstream scrutiny. You’ll see far more discussion about, say, Sydney Sweeney or Taylor Swift than you’ll ever see about prominent video game voice actors and directors — who pretty much no one knows anything about. Everyone’s heard of Lionsgate, or Paramount, but almost no one’s heard of studios like “Don’t Nod Entertainment,” for example.

And that’s significant, because these no-name studios are behind the single most coordinated effort to indoctrinate millions of children through entertainment that’s ever occurred in this country. This effort is maybe more powerful than teachers’ unions, if only because these propagandists mostly work in secret. Even if you homeschool your children, they’re not immune to it. You might have heard something about one of the companies behind this indoctrination effort, called “Sweet Baby Inc” or SBI. In a moment, I’ll get into the details about what exactly they’re doing, and who’s helping them do it.

But first, I want to get the good news out of the way. If there’s any silver lining, it’s that this effort to indoctrinate children is incredibly hamfisted. Some of the dumbest people in the world are behind it. Take that studio I just mentioned — “Don’t Nod Entertainment.” They’re behind the very popular “Life is Strange” video game series, which has been played by tens of millions of people. To give you an idea of how overt the propaganda is in “Life is Strange,” here’s just one, mercifully short sequence involving — what else — a racist white guy. There’s some backstory about how he kidnapped an innocent Hispanic kid or something:

“We need to build a wall,” says the white racist kidnapping the innocent Hispanic boy. This is a game that, if Wikipedia is to be believed, received “generally positive reviews. … Critics praised the story.”

So we can conclude that the bar is incredibly low in this entire industry. All that developers have to do is beat their audience over the head with rote Left-wing propaganda, and their game will be well-received. The more recent game “Suicide Squad” is another prominent example. They decided to write a story about Batman’s toxic masculinity, which ended with a girlboss shooting Batman. Here’s part of that sequence:

You can just imagine how many purple-haired women must work at that studio. They probably provide the hair dye on tap. I didn’t play that game, obviously. I haven’t played any of these games. I am not a video game fan or player, as most people I think know by now. But the point is that these clips were all over the internet because of how awful they are. They’re just terrible in every way — even just from a quality perspective — even if you happen to agree with their politics.

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But the fact remains that, for children of a certain age, the propaganda doesn’t need to be subtle. All they need to do is present it to children, and it can be effective. That’s why some anonymous people using the games platform “Steam” decided to figure out exactly who’s putting this garbage in games, and why.

They found that the company I mentioned earlier, called “Sweet Baby Inc.” — no relation to the Sweet Baby Gang, I swear off any association and I would file a lawsuit for copyright infringement, if not for the fact that I don’t have a copyright, and also Sweet Baby Inc. existed first, technically, but never mind that — anyway, these people on Steam found that Sweet Baby Inc. has contracted with major publishers to push principles of DEI in video games, as aggressively as possible. Sweet Baby Inc., or SBI, worked with the developers of the game I just showed you, Suicide Squad. They’ve also had a role in several other major releases.

On their website, SBI boasts that they’re committed to installing principles of “diversity” into games. And they do it forcibly. In fact, the co-founder and CEO of SBI, a woman named Kim Belair, recently spoke to game developers and instructed them to threaten their companies unless they comply with Sweet Baby’s DEI mandates:

This is how DEI works in every industry, of course. The goal isn’t to improve the company’s product in any way. It’s to blackmail companies and threaten them into submission. Pay the DEI tax, or we’ll destroy you. Only in the games industry, where everyone is dumber than they are in every other industry, do they just come right out and say it.

Along these lines, as you might have guessed, so-called games journalists are somehow even dumber than journalists in other industries, too — which is really saying something. They’re completely unable to hide their real goals or display any hint of subtlety whatsoever. For example, in response to clips like this surfacing, games writers have produced several articles portraying SBI as the victim of a “harassment campaign” — by which they mean people are noticing what SBI is doing. For example, here’s how a writer for the website Polygon, Joshua Rivera, responded to people who are concerned about SBI: “In a just world these clowns would have their steam accounts turned off, their PlayStations bricked and get booted from any respectable social platform.”

So in the games industry, the journalists just come right out and demand that you’re deleted from the Internet if you dare to look deeper into their narrative. So let’s do that. In a recent podcast, Kim Belair explains that her company’s mandate is to make every game political. There has to be “diverse representation” in all contexts, even in, say, World War I:

So SBI wants to “build a narrative and a story that includes moments and elements custom-made to bring representation and joy to people.” And she uses the example of World War I. There weren’t a whole lot of women fighting on the front lines of World War I. But they shoehorn that into their game anyway, because at every possible opportunity, they need to minimize and demonize white men. White men cannot be the hero of anything, even historical events where they were the heroes, like World War I. The point is to attack white men whenever possible.

We’re seeing this at all levels in the gaming industry. Here, for example, is Dani Lalonders. She reportedly used to work at Sweet Baby Inc. just a year ago. Now she works for a studio at EA, one of the biggest games studios on the planet. Watch as she explains why she doesn’t hire white people on her team, because they commit all kinds of microaggressions:

Notice that she doesn’t say what the white microaggressions were. Maybe those nasty white people said something nice about her hair. Maybe they asked where she was from. Maybe they say, “Hey, cut that line of dialogue about building the wall — it’s a little too on the nose.” Who knows? In any event, this is an employee of a major games studio straight-up admitting that she doesn’t hire white people. This isn’t just unethical; it’s illegal. It’s the kind of thing that’s usually left unsaid in major corporations. But it’s standard practice in the games industry to just come right out and announce it. To give another example — also in response to the SBI story — a senior editor at the gaming site Kotaku wrote, “hi! you can’t be racist against white people! thanks for tuning in!”

The people writing this garbage are “true believers.” They’re the low-IQ foot soldiers. But the reason they’re so well-funded is more interesting. As the former games executive Mark Kern explained this week, the cost of producing games is extremely high. It’s higher than it’s ever been, in fact. So games studios are looking to raise money in any way possible. And one way to get a lot of money is through ESG financing:

What ESG financing entails, Kern goes on to say, is that games studios have to agree to all kinds of conditions — including hiring companies like SBI to “diversify” their games.

In other words, what’s happening here is much bigger than SBI. It’s about the companies that fund SBI. That includes a fund called Baby Ghosts, which is also run by anti-white managers who are proud of their bigotry. It also includes the biggest institutional investors on the planet, like Vanguard and Blackrock, which own a substantial portion of gaming companies like Microsoft. These entities are creating the incentives. The only good news, as Kern points out later in that interview, is that ESG financing is drying up, in part because interest rates are changing. And there’s more exposure than ever to this propaganda, which makes it less effective.


The U.S. government appears to be aware of that, and they view it as a potential problem. They want the propaganda to continue. We know that because, on its website, a nonprofit called “Take This” labels all criticism of SBI as “harassment.” They’re coordinating a response to it. What’s “Take This”? Apparently, according to their website, they’re a “mental health nonprofit” that’s funded by the Department of Homeland Security. In other words, your tax dollars are paying for the defense of propagandists targeting children in the video game industry. For some reason, DHS is involved.

And actually, it’s worse than that. As the Intercept reported this month, “Gaming companies are coordinating with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to root out so-called domestic violent extremist content, according to a new government report. Noting that mechanisms have been established with social media companies to police extremism, the report recommends that the national security agencies establish new and similar processes with the vast gaming industry.”

What this means is that the video game industry — without a lot of fanfare — has transformed into a tool of both propaganda and surveillance. It’s an effective way to indoctrinate children precisely because it hasn’t received much attention. Now, finally, that attention is here. And it’s yet another reason to keep these games as far away from your children as possible. If you do that, games journalists — literally the lowest form of journalist on the planet — will accuse you of “harassment.” That’s how you’ll know you’re doing the right thing.

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