The Mainstream Media’s Silence On Durham Revelations Is Growing Louder


Sometimes the loudest thing in the world is silence, and when it comes to the huge revelations from John Durham’s probe of the FBI’s investigation of Trump-Russia allegations, the Left wing media’s silence is deafening. 

The bombshell from Durham this past week was a filing alleging that former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman was involved in data mining linked to Trump Tower, another Trump property, as well as the Executive Office of the President (though that data may be limited to the time period of the Obama administration.) 

It was enough for the Wall Street Journal, not exactly a bastion of Trumpism, to ink an editorial bluntly stating “Trump Really Was Spied On.” But don’t try telling that to sycophantic outlets like CNN, NPR, and the New York Times. For these Democratic Party public relations firms there was a story alright, but it wasn’t about Clinton campaign-linked operatives monitoring Trump linked Internet data, it was about Republicans pouncing!

Take this headline from the Times, “Court Filing Started a Furor in Right-Wing Outlets, but Their Narrative Is Off Track.”  It came with a sub heading that read: “The latest alarmist claims about spying on Trump appeared to be flawed, but the explanation is byzantine — underlining the challenge for journalists in deciding what merits coverage”

Meanwhile at CNN, their media guru Brian Stelter had this to say from his arrogant throne of incompetence, “In reality, in-depth reporting with context and nuance takes time; slapdash stories and opinion columns barely any time at all.” 

You are supposed to forget, I imagine, dear reader that these are the same outlets that spent the better part of four years promising you that Donald Trump was 5 minutes away from being ousted and arrested for Russian Collusion. There was no “nuance,” no, “challenge for journalists,” gravely noted at the time. Instead, we were treated to a Cyrillic symphony of nonsense and lies.

The problem faced by Left wing media today is that the coda of their endless rambling about Trump and Russia is that they were not only duped, as the Mueller report exonerating Trump showed, but they were duped by the Clinton campaign. It’s amazing. And now, rather than show any remorse, or real interest in Durham’s filing, they are echoing Clinton’s famous phrase, “What difference does it make?”

It might make none. If Hillary Clinton limits herself to parties in the Hamptons and talks at the 92nd Street Y then she may be able to drift into history quietly. However, if Clinton, who spoke this week at New York’s Democratic Party convention has future political ambitions, her erstwhile allies in the 5th estate have a problem on their hands.

The perfect storm just at the moment is that while Durham’s investigation is raining down its revelations there is a consistent patter of  speculation that Clinton may be gearing up for another run at the White House. Should that happen, her campaign’s monitoring of Trump will not be a footnote in history, but a serious campaign issue.

At the same time, Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader is promising a cavalcade of investigations by that body should Republicans take control of it, as nearly everyone assumes will happen. Will the same outlets that breathlessly hot take on every smidgen of information from the January 6th Committee be able to ignore those probes? One shouldn’t put it past them.

We have reached a point with the mainstream media where we should essentially ignore what they say and pay attention to how they say it. When they express certainty, as they did with Russian collusion, or their dismissal of the New York Post’s entirely accurate Hunter Biden story we should be skeptical. But when they tell us that a story is complicated, nuanced, and who can really say, that should be a sign that they know a story is true, they just don’t like to say so.

It is a sad situation when consumers of news have to read such tea leaves to suss out whether they are being manipulated, but that is where we are. These outlets long ago gave up on the mission of informing you, they now exist to guide you to the proper attitudes and conclusions, even if that means ignoring major stories.

So listen for the sound of silence, understand what that quietude holds. It was said of the jazz pianist Thelonius Monk, that what made him great was not the notes he played, but the notes he didn’t play. That’s how we should look at our mainstream media. In the wide open spaces between their noisy coverage is usually where we must look to find anything resembling the truth.

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