The Left Accidentally Destroys Its Own Narrative With ‘National Coming Out Day’


Well, we may have missed it by a few days but it’s never too late to celebrate “National Coming Out Day.” This is a fake holiday that officially took place a couple of days ago, on Wednesday October 11th. And if I’m being honest, it was everything I hoped it would be, and more. It’s almost like the holiday was invented as a form of performance art by someone who wants to expose the gender cult and demonstrate how absurd the whole thing is. In fact, that’s not a completely inaccurate way to describe the origins of National Coming Out Day. I’ll get to that in a second.

But first, it’s important to make clear that this holiday was not some fringe event that no one observed. The White House held a meeting with “Latino LGBTQI+ leaders” to mark National Coming Out Day. Various media outlets and social media personalities promoted it. The largest school system in the city of Los Angeles decided to hold an entire week of events to celebrate National Coming Out Day, which doesn’t even really make sense, since it’s supposed to last just one day.

In any event, the idea behind this day (or week) of celebration is, of course, to encourage young people to tell everyone that they’re gay, or trans, or non-binary or one of the other infinite sexual identities. Apparently, there was no way that people could do that during Pride month, or International Pronouns Day, or the Trans Day of Remembrance, or International Lesbian Day which was also this week, or any of the other dozens of days on the calendar set aside for LGBT people. They need a separate day, just for “coming out,” in mid-October. And this past Wednesday, we’re led to believe, a bunch of people did just that, for the first time in their lives. They announced, to the whole world, that they’re an L, or a G, or a B, or a T, or maybe a +.

So what happened next? What grand consequences resulted from this momentous event? Well, that’s the good part. As far as I can tell from reviewing all the available data on this, literally nothing happened. There was no discernible response whatsoever. There were no reports that anyone was beaten in the aftermath of National Coming Out Day. No one was fired from their job for proudly declaring on social media that they’re a non-binary or a pansexual. No homosexuals were suspiciously crushed by pianos. The world just kept on turning, and no one cared.

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That’s why I’m finally getting around to celebrating National Coming Out day, a couple days late. In one fell swoop, this holiday has completely debunked every Left-wing narrative of “LGBTQ oppression” that we’ve been force-fed for the past several years. Consider that it was just a few months ago that we were told by the so-called “Human Rights Campaign” that there’s a “nationwide state of emergency” because, as they say, “LGBTQ+ people” are endangered. Watch:

So, there’s a nationwide state of emergency because there are real, tangible and dangerous threats to the “LGBT community.” That was just four months ago. And then, despite those threats, this week these same activist organizations told everyone to publicly announce that they’re part of this victimized club. 

And a lot of people did heed that call. In fact, NBC News just published an entire list of celebrities who came out of the closet — not just on National Coming Out Day, but throughout the year 2023. This happens every year, and every year there are more and more. Some of them are coming out for the second and third time. Some are coming out as sexualities that don’t mean anything, like Wayne Brady declaring he’s “pansexual.” And yet none of these people — the celebrities, the random kids on social media — none of them have faced any consequences whatsoever. No one responded to them with bigotry or violence or any of that.

Does anyone in the corporate media or at the Human Rights Campaign think that’s a bit odd? You’d think they’d actually be thrilled by this news. Despite a supposed nationwide terror campaign against LGBTQ+ folks, a bunch of people just publicly declared their sexual orientation or gender identity or whatever. And they somehow survived the week, totally unscathed. How could this be?

If you listen to what these activists are saying this week, you won’t get an answer to that question. They won’t grapple with any of this. But you will get a very clear window into how they think, and how effortlessly they will lie to you. 

Here, for example, is one representative of the so-called Human Rights Campaign, doing the rounds on local news stations to promote National Coming Out Day. And as part of his schtick, he explains that the murder of Matthew Sheppard in 1998 is one of the reasons that the organization is so adamant about promoting National Coming Out Day. Here’s the clip:

If you parse what the anchor lady and the H.R.C. spokesman are saying, it becomes very clear what’s going on. Neither one of them explicitly states that Matthew Sheppard was murdered because he was gay. They imply it, but they don’t come out and say it.

What that tells you is that they know they’re lying. I’ve talked about this case before. But the basic facts of this case are completely different from what the leftists at H.R.C. and the corporate media will tell you. Many years ago, an investigative journalist named Stephen Jimenez looked into the Matthew Sheppard case. He found that Sheppard was a high-value meth dealer and prostitute who was killed by one of his gay lovers. So the whole narrative lionizing Matthew Sheppard — which Bill Clinton and the entire news media pushed at the time — was false. And yet, decades later, activists are *still* citing his case, and implying he was murdered because he was gay.

All of corporate media is doing the same thing. The other day, the Associated Press ran an article — which was picked up by NBC News and other outlets — stating that the death of Matthew Shepard “has been memorialized as an egregious hate crime.” Again, they’re playing with language. They know Matthew Shepard’s death wasn’t a hate crime. But they ‘re telling you it was “memorialized” as one, and then they’re refusing to give you the context. It’s actually a clever trick. Even I would have to admit that the statement is true. It was indeed memorialized as a hate crime. It’s just that it wasn’t actually a hate crime.

So what is the point of all these lies? They’re lying about the dangers face by “LGBTQ youth.” They ‘re lying about Matthew Sheppard. What’s the goal? Where is this all leading to? A year ago, the president and CEO of GLAAD, in her attempt to promote National Coming Out Day, spilled the beans. Here’s her explanation of what this whole charade is all about.

Don’t just come out, says the CEO of one of the largest gay activist groups on the planet. Come out to vote, too! It’s so unbelievably transparent. They can’t hide it. This isn’t about anyone’s sexuality or oppression or whatever. It’s about marshaling more votes for the Democratic Party. It’s about reinforcing the Left’s ideological stranglehold on the culture. It’s as simple and cynical as that.

To be fair, later in that interview, this same woman — the CEO of GLAAD — does attempt to offer another reason as to why National Coming Out Day is so important. And she manages to dig an even deeper hole for herself in the process. Really, she completely blows up the whole premise of “National Coming Out Day” without even realizing it. Watch:

Well, the two of you don’t have two children. One of you has children. But let’s not get technical. 

What this GLAAD woman is otherwise describing is normal human interaction. It’s not “coming out.” So, the entire idea of “National Coming Out Day,” according to the CEO of GLAAD, is really complete nonsense. It’s designed to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. These people aren’t even pretending to be persecuted; they’re just complaining about having to introduce themselves. So it’s reasonable to ask, how did this fake holiday even come about in the first place? Who came up with this idea?

Elsewhere in that interview, the GLAAD CEO briefly goes into some detail about the history of National Coming Out Day. She lies about it, so there’s no point in showing it to you. But if you dig into National Coming Out Day, you’ll find that it was founded by a woman named Jean O’Leary. Who is Jean O’Leary? She was a feminist who really didn’t like transvestites or drag queens. We don’t have to guess about that. She said it on film at a rally in 1973. Watch:

A few seconds later, Jean O’Leary was forced off the stage by a couple of guys in drag. There’s a lot of feminist gibberish in there, but the substance of what she said is worth repeating:

We are opposed to the exploitation of women by men for entertainment or profit. … Men have been telling us who we are for all our lives. … Men have never been able to show us ourselves.

This is what the founder of National Coming Out Day stood for, just a few decades ago. Men with fetishes are not, in fact, women. That’s what she’s saying and she could not have been clearer.

Of course, later in life, she recanted, and bent the knee. But this is what she stood for. Now the gender cult is papering over that little inconsistency. They’re lying about the history of this fake holiday, just like they lie about what happened at Stonewall, just like they lie about Matthew Sheppard, just like they lie about the “national state of emergency” facing their supposedly marginalized fanbase, just like they lie about literally everything all the time.

They’re lying so much, and so desperately, because the truth could not be clearer. The LGBT club is not oppressed. A country does not have 50 fake holidays to celebrate a group of people it is oppressing. Celebrities do not go out of their way to be a part of a truly marginalized and bullied community. A club does not grow in membership so rapidly if being in the club is a ticket to persecution. No, it goes the opposite way. For the individual, identifying as LGBT means social capital and cultural influence. For the Powers That Be, the more people who identify as LGBT, the more votes they get, the more power they wield.

This is what it’s all about, and has always been about. And now, that couldn’t be more clear.


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