The Greta Thunberg Idiots’ Revolt

12,000 people showed up to yell about the Jews because a Jewish singer performed at an event in Sweden.

Screenshot. Greta Thunberg in Sweden.

Greta Thunberg. Remember her? “How dare you go? How dare you!”

She’s a cretinous little dweeb with the brains of a kumquat. She always was, but we weren’t allowed to say it because she wasn’t a teen; she was a child. You can’t attack a child.

Well, she’s now been 18 for three years, so we can, indeed, say it.

She was trotted out for years as some sort of moral exemplar because she was under 18, and she mouthed nasty little platitudes about how her elders had ruined the world: “We will hold you accountable.” “How dare you!”

She was treated as a political Joan of Arc. The whole world trembled at her supposed moral superiority, as she called for the impoverishment of nearly all of humanity in the name of the Earth becoming incrementally warmer but slightly less quickly, supposedly.

In reality, Thunberg was always a child-sized Trojan Horse for anti-Western radicalism, socialism, and deindustrialization.

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Now the mask is off, and it’s instructive. On Thursday, Thunberg showed up in a protest in Malmo, Sweden. What was being protested? A singer for the Eurovision contest from Israel.

That singer’s name is Eden Golan, a 20-year-old young woman — younger than Greta Thunberg — who was just singing a song in a dumb contest they hold in Europe every year that’s similar to “American Idol.” Her song was called “Hurricane,” which is largely about the reaction of Israelis to the Hamas massacre of Israelis on October 7. 

And she was booed inside the hall. 

Golan’s presence drew thousands of people to protest, including Thunberg, who showed up wearing a keffiyeh, a symbol of solidarity with terrorism.

Thunberg showed up and explained how she was standing against destruction of the environment — and also the Jews, saying, “Once again, young people are leading the way, showing the world how we should react to this.”

12,000 people showed up to yell about the Jews because a Jewish singer performed at an event in Sweden. It’s no surprise it happened in Malmo, which is about 25% Muslim.

In fact, if you flash back to 2022, Reuters reported: 

Sweden has failed to integrate the vast numbers of immigrants it has taken in over the past two decades, leading to parallel societies and gang violence, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said on Thursday, as she launched a series of initiatives to combat organised crime. Many Swedes were shocked earlier this month after violent riots left more than 100 police injured. The violence erupted after a Swedish-Danish politician burned the Quran at a rally and sought to hold more in several immigrant-dominated neighborhoods.

Radical Muslims are quite prevalent in Sweden, which is why Jews are not in Malmo. Malmo has basically become a no-go zone for Jews for a reason. One of the chants from the crowd was “Sinwar, we will not let you die,” a reference to Yahya Sinwar, the head of Hamas, who planned the massacre of over 1,200 Israelis on October 7 and is currently hiding in terror tunnels, allegedly surrounded by 15 hostages in the hope that they will protect him from death.

These protesters want Sinwar to survive because they’re not just against the war in Gaza, they are in solidarity with Hamas.

That is who Thunberg was marching with.

The army of losers is very large in the West. It includes drag queens who go on BBC to explain they are canceling their Eurovision watch party in order to demonstrate solidarity with Hamas. 

These global losers are fans of Palestinian terrorism who cannot succeed in a meritocracy and emigrate en masse to Europe where they form entire population centers that do not participate in the Western system. They hate the system in which they are given welfare and education and in which they are largely unsuccessful; they are useless socialists who have performed zero service and public value their entire lives but are very angry at capitalism.

People like Greta Thunberg and people who feel marginalized because of their bizarre sexual fetishes and rage against a traditionalist machine are marching together in Malmo against — surprise!— the Jews.

But the Jews here are really just a stand-in for the West because these anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists believe that the Jews control the West. Their entire theory of the world is predicated on an evil belief that failure inherently means victimization, and that success inherently means exploitation.

And because the Jews are disproportionately successful, this means they are disproportionately exploitative. And the United States, according to an argument made by critical race theorists about white people, is where white people built the system for the benefit of whites, which is why whites are so darn successful.

The problem, of course, is that there are other groups that are very successful who are not white. Jews, historically not categorized as white, now have been included in that rubric.

If Jews are disproportionately successful, then they can certainly not be victims, this mob argues. Their argument is that Jews built the system for the benefit of the Jews, and so it’s perfectly appropriate to beat Jews in the streets or try to mob a Jewish singer on a continent where Jews were slaughtered by the millions a couple of generations ago.

After all, the system has to be destroyed.

This is an army of losers. Losers of the world, unite! That’s what you’re watching in Malmo. It’s what you’re watching on America’s college campuses. It’s what you’re watching in large precincts of the Democratic National Committee.

It’s an army of losers, a coalition of losers.

The Jews are just a convenient excuse — and they are just the tip of the spear.

This is the ugliest manifestation of hatred for the West.

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