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The Child Drag Queen Being Used By Adults And The Media To Push Trans Agenda

Desmond is Amazing is a drag performing kid who has been used by adults and the media in a disturbing fashion over the last several years to push and normalize a trans agenda.

The child is known professionally as Desmond is Amazing. He said he has idolized drag queens and their lifestyle since he was 2-years-old after watching Ru-Paul’s “Drag Race” with his mom, Wendy Napoles. At the age of 4 Desmond started attending Pride Parades. The drag kid, born Desmond Napoles, first started professionally doing drag when he appeared in “The Bacon Shake” video in 2014, which would make him 6-years-old when his parents dressed him in a red flapper dress and had him dance on top of a bar for adults in a video by the artist named Jinkx Monsoon, an American Drag Performer.

The lyrics that play as the child dances for adults in a bar reads “(She’s shakin’ her bacon)” and then “shimmy ’til it fizzles.” The entire song can be seen here.
The line that stands out reads as followed:

Well, I went with friends to a party

Where they served forbidden booze

And all of a sudden I realized

Inhibitions I was gonna lose

Where once all I drank was pecoe

Gin turned me into a freakshow

Play that wild piano

And beat those savage drums

All night long I’ll shake it

Come on everybody

It’s fun!

In 2018, Desmond dressed in drag complete with a wig, make-up and crop top, as he danced in a sexual manner at a gay bar at night time while adult gay men rewarded his dancing with money being thrown at him while he’s on stage, as previously reported by the Daily Wire. As stated, the DW “reviewed and confirmed the ‘performance’ through video and photo posts on social media but has chosen not to link to the exploitative footage.

Later, his mother, Wendy Napoles, posted on social media that Desmond’s performance was “age appropriate, carefully supervised and in accordance with the Dept. for Labor’s regulations for child performers.”

In a video that first appeared on YouTube in 2017 and again in 2018, Napoles is seen sitting on a couch alongside convicted murderer Michael Alig, a ’90s New York club promoter who served 17 years in prison for murdering and dismembering Angel Melendez in 1996.  The clip can be seen here for those interested.

In a 2019 article by National Review, the outlet provides more graphic details about Alig who it wrote spent nearly two decades behind bars for “beating his drug dealer to death, soaking his body in acidic liquids for over a week, dismembering the corpse, and dumping it in the Hudson. ” During the video the child appeared “in front of a painting of a girl with the word “Rophypnol” (the date-rape drug) scrawled across it,” the outlet noted.

In 2020, the Federalist reported about a Facebook video of the then-11-year-old child pretending to snort ketamine off his hand as he sat on the couch with an adult New York City based drag queen by the name of Bellanoche. The clip can be seen here and comes at the 9:39 minute mark.

“What has this world come to?” Desmond announced. “It’s come to a world in which drag kids actually exist.”

Bellanoche then adds “and people do ketamine on a couch.” It is then this “child puts his wrist to his nose and sniffs while cocking his head back, mimicking a way to snort drugs without paraphernalia,” the outlet noted.

Desmond is not only being promoted by his parents and the drag queen community but has found a national stage for his drag performance and has even been popularized by those in journalism considered to be of high standards, like ABC’s “Good Morning America” and the BBC.

In 2018, when he was 11-years-old, the kid appeared on GMA where co-host Sarah Haines declared him the “youngest/first” drag queen kid, proudly. When he arrived, the child walked out on stage wearing a dress, a wig and pancake makeup. Desmond then, before taking his seat, lied down on the ground with his arms up and one leg folded under him. It is a pose he has taken many times during various public appearances. It is unclear why. At the time, there was no backlash. No one was fired and nothing else happened.

I am 100% sure if we saw a young girl dressed in a giant wig, cake makeup, and a dress performing for adults like this it would raise serious red flags. Yet this situation is being celebrated on national morning television, as seen here.

Napoles is also written about in articles from every outlet ranging from The New York Times, New York Post and Huffington Post to various gay publications.  In headlines, the child is described by these outlets with words like “Inspirational,” “Trail-blazing” and more. He’s been featured in more than one hundred different publications, networks or podcasts in total, per his website. One such podcast he was on is titled “Guys We F***ed.” It is described as a show with “mature comedy, sexuality.”

A piece in Huffington Post noted that, Desmond said the Club Kids of the early 1990s were his inspiration, making clear to emphasize that he was talking about “their fashion and makeup” and “not the bad things.” At the time of the piece the child was 10-years-old.

In 2020, the kid told the New York Post, being a drag kid is “not bad, it’s not, like, child abuse.” and “I have a magic gay shield that just blocks all the haters.”

Napoles said the biggest misconception about him is that he’s transgender, which he said he’s not.

“I identify as gay,” Desmond shared at the time.

Napoles shared in the clip that he’s been going to Pride Parades since he was 4. His mother, Wendy, said, because I grew up with homosexual people in my family, I’ve always been a big ally of the LGBTQ community.”

Desmond has also participated in runway shows during New York Fashion Week for the likes of The Blonds x Disney Villains, along with collaborations with Drag Queen Merch, Fluide, GLAAD, GLSEN, Human Rights Campaign, NYC Pride, The Phluid Project, and more, according to his website.

None of what’s happened to Desmond should be acceptable, let alone, promoted in a civilized society.

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