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Team Trump Must Boycott CNN; Everyone Else Needs to Cancel Their Cable

Oddly enough, although it has been a marvelous week for gloating, which just so happens to be a unique talent of mine (ask anyone), it is not Donald Trump winning the presidency that gives me the most satisfying validation. Rather, it is CNN finally and forever exposing itself as a left-wing hate network that is completely devoted to serving the State and hungry to foment political violence.

Years ago, I saw the new and evil face of CNN during the hurly-burly surrounding the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman affair; I saw that newly-installed chief Jeff Zucker was desperate to inflame racial division, violence, and a sweaty and terrifying kind of vigilantism — not for ratings, but in service to the Left, and by extension the State. In order to accomplish this, CNN shamelessly spread outright lies, trafficked in overt racism, and fabricated evidence.

As I wrote at the time:

In a vast ocean of reprehensible media behavior surrounding the coverage of George Zimmerman, CNN — once one of the most respected and trusted news outlets in the world — stood alone as a bright, beaming lighthouse of falsehoods, racism, and fabrications.

But CNN was just getting started. With the help of Zucker’s Thing One and Thing Two, the network was able to accomplish in Ferguson and Baltimore what it couldn’t in Florida — their much-desired race riots.

Over the last six days, we have all witnessed as CNN has done everything in its malevolent power to pour swimming pools of gasoline over the astro-turfed, George Soros-financed, anti-Trump riots. Among other things, how else to explain Jake Tapper playing stupid Sunday, pretending Trump was in favor of a deportation force and Muslim ban, when both of those policies have been modified and/or clarified for more than six months now?

The good news is that, like the rest of the national media, CNN has lost all of its power, all of its sway, all of its ability to impact anything. As we are seeing, though, CNN can still gin up riots. Evil is easy. Nihilism is easy. Destruction is easy. The silver lining is that the riots are all unraveling in Blue Areas of the country, a spectacle Bad John rather enjoys.

Good John, though, would like to see CNN once and for all finished off. And that’s the better news, because I got me a simple, fool-proof, two-part plan.

If CNN is on your package, you are funding evil every time you pay your cable bill.

1. You cannot hurt CNN by not watching CNN. Sorry, you just can’t. Ratings have very little to do with the Hate Network’s revenue stream. The only way you can hurt CNN is to cancel your cable package because it is through the act of simply being on your cable package (whether you watch or not) that CNN makes money. Yes, if CNN is on your package, you are funding evil every time you pay your cable bill.

I wrote in detail about this here.

2. Starting today, no one from Team Trump should ever again appear anywhere on CNN.

What’s the upside?

The network has absolutely no legitimacy, why treat it like it does? CNN isn’t interested in news or insight from Team Trump. Anytime anyone from Team Trump appears on CNN, the Hate Network’s only goal is to humiliate and discredit, and to use the appearance to legitimize these ongoing riots.

Why go through this? Why give them legitimacy?

Starting today, no one from Team Trump should ever again appear anywhere on CNN.

CNN is finished as a news outlet with any impact, so why have Newt Gingrich or Rudy Giuliani appear with Tapper on Sunday morning, just so Tapper can preen and signal his own virtue and lie about Muslim bans and deportation forces?

It is time to starve this evil, to hasten its credibility death spiral, to further shrink its echo chamber…

Trump doesn’t need CNN.

CNN needs Trump.

It is time for all of us to go in for the kill.

Cancel your cable, America…

Encourage Team Trump’s boycott…

And stay ungovernable.

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