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Teacher Uses Walkout To Have Sex With Student

By  Hank Berrien

A married 35-year-old Oklahoma teacher has reportedly confessed to taking a 15-year-old boy with her to a teacher’s protest at the state capitol and having sex with him before they picked up other students on the way and again after they dropped the students off on the way back.

On Saturday, Keri Hoffman and her husband drove to the Clinton Police Department, where she confessed she had done more than that; she and the boy had sex repeatedly since March 30 inside her car and inside her father’s detached garage.

Oklahoma teachers started their strike at the capitol last week; it is ongoing. They are protesting that the $44 million tax and revenue package passed last week did not offer enough to hike school spending.

Hoffman was charged Monday in Custer County District Court with two counts of second-degree rape, a count of facilitating sexual conduct with a minor by use of technology, and a count of pattern of criminal offenses, court records show.

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