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‘Talking To Kids About Gay Stuff Is Actually Crucial’: Meet The LGBTQ Content Creators And Companies Indoctrinating Your Kids

If you are a parent, it is not your imagination: Media companies across the country are pushing the LGBTQ agenda onto your children via television shows, online platforms, and various streaming services.

That is intentional. We know that it is because the industry leaders — and we use that term loosely — behind that indoctrination are quite open about their goals of subverting parental authority and traditional values while radically transforming the culture. That plan starts with your kids.

For many in Hollywood, creating children’s cartoons and TV shows is no longer about providing amusement and spreading joy. Mainstream entertainment now believes a core part of its mission is to coerce your children into accepting radical gender ideology, degrading the nuclear family, and advancing other woke ideas to create new values that your kids passively absorb.

It is time to meet just some of the people behind this rainbow mafia plot and some of the companies — Nickelodeon, Disney, Netflix, and Paramount among many others — carrying it out. 

Nickelodeon: Nick, Jr. “The Blue’s Clues Pride Parade Sing-Along” 

Nickelodeon’s been steadily releasing content designed to push a radical gender agenda for years. Back in May 2021, Nickelodeon released a YouTube video on its “Blue’s Clues & You” channel titled, “The Blue’s Clues Pride Parade Sing-Along Ft. Nina West.” Nina West is a real-life drag queen, but in this video, West is portrayed as a cartoon version of himself, with exaggerated features of a woman, who leads kids in a sing-along about a big parade supposedly meant to honor families as portrayed by different animals. Watch for yourself:

As shown, the cartoon sing-along featured nine different families, each one promoting a different aspect of the LGBTQ agenda. The song, set to the tune of “The Ants Go Marching,” features lyrics such as: 

“Families marching six by six, Hurrah! Hurrah! 

Families marching six by six, Hurrah! Hurrah!

Ace, bi, and pan grown-ups you see 

Can love each other so proudly 

And they all go marching in the big parade, oh yeah!”

“Ace” refers to asexual, individuals not attracted to anybody; “bi” refers to bisexual, those attracted to both males and females, and “pan” refers to pansexual, individuals attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender.

Keep in mind, this is a song meant for kids in kindergarten, pre-school, and younger. The song also mentions gay couples, lesbian couples, non-binary couples, and others.

The only type of parents not honored are traditional mothers and fathers.

Nickelodeon also chose to highlight “trans family” members. “Trans members of this family all love each other so proudly,” the song says.

During that portion of the video, cartoon beavers can be seen with mastectomy scars — indicating the beaver had female breasts which were surgically removed because the beaver now identifies as a male beaver.

You may be asking yourself why toddlers and preschool children need to learn about sex-denial surgery and the ever-growing list of sexual orientations for adults. It’s a good question. 

Meet The Activist Behind The “Blue’s Clues” Pride Parade Video

According to Lindz Amer, a self-described “non-binary” author and the creator of that “Blues Clues” video, young children need this sort of content in order to redefine family. 

“My main goals were twofold: to try my best to bring specificity to the video, that’s where the song’s vocabulary came in using words like queer, trans, non-binary, ace, pan and bi,” Amer said of the video. “And second, to expand the definition of family as it applies to the queer community, so acknowledging chosen family was a big part of that.”

What’s a “chosen family?” A chosen family is “non-biological kinship bonds, whether legally recognized or not, deliberately chosen for the purpose of mutual support and love,” per The SAGE Encyclopedia of Marriage, Family, and Couples Counseling. 

In other words, Amer is laying the groundwork for your child to believe that he or she can abandon your family for a new “chosen family” composed of LGBTQ strangers if you don’t support your kid’s desire to have gender-denial procedures – just as the scarred beaver in the “Blue’s Clues” song did. 

Lindz Amer Admits To Targeting Toddlers For A Very Specific Purpose

Amer bears no shame for the fact that she is exposing toddlers to this programming.

In fact, she seems to understand quite well that indoctrination requires targeting kids early. Amer, also the creator of the series “Queer Stuff For Kids,” acknowledged in a 2019 Ted Talk that parents might be uncomfortable with discussing LGBTQ topics with young kids. 

“Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Whoa, they’re talking about gay stuff with kids,’” Amer said to the audience. “But talking to kids about gay stuff is actually crucial. The American Academy of Pediatrics has found that children have a solid understanding of their gender identity by the age of four. This is when children are developing their sense of self. They’re observing the world around them, absorbing that information and internalizing it.” 

Next, Amer told parents that their children would not grow up to be well-rounded individuals without this sort of dialogue. 

“Now, most parents want their children to become kind, empathetic, self-confident adults, and exposure to diversity is an important part of that social and emotional development,” Amer claimed. 

Amer is just one executive creating the sort of content reaching your kids. Now, let’s introduce you to Disney Channel’s Latoya Raveneau.

Disney’s “Not-At-All Secret Gay Agenda”

In March 2022, journalist Chris Rufo released several videos from an “all-hands” Disney staff meeting called to discuss the Florida Parental Rights In Education Bill as well as the company’s efforts to push radical gender ideology and other progressive ideas of sexuality onto its customer base — especially children. 

In the clips, Latoya Raveneau, an executive producer for Disney who has worked on shows such as “The Proud Family,” which aired from 2001-2004, explained how she was thankful for Disney’s new openness to incorporating the LGBTQ agenda into its shows. At the time the video was released, Raveneau had been busy producing an ultra-woke reboot of the show, “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder,” which was released in February 2022. 

“Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to like, my like, not-at-all secret gay agenda,” Raveneau said in reference to the team that worked on “The Proud Family.”

But Raveneau worried that because of new laws in Florida combating radical gender ideology, she would no longer be able to include things such as gay characters. 

“I felt like … maybe it was that way in the past, but I guess, like, something must have happened,” she said. “They’re turning it around, and then all that momentum that I felt, that sense of ‘I don’t have to be afraid, let’s have these two characters kiss in the background … wherever I could, I was basically adding queerness to the show, if you see anything queer in the show, ‘The Proud Family,’ nobody would stop me and nobody was trying to stop me.”

Well, it would appear Raveneau’s fears that LGBTQ content would be stripped from the show were unfounded.

“The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” — a show meant for pre-teens and teenagers — is filled with radical gender ideology and discussion of various sexual orientations.

Proud Family’s “Not-At-All” Subtle LGBTQ Indoctrination 

The main character of the show is Penny Proud, a 14-year-old girl just entering puberty. Her friend Michael is a “gender-fluid” character who dresses in feminine clothing and dons pink hair in every episode. In one episode, he even dances with another boy. Here’s an example of Michael:

In one episode, the plot centers around the main characters dealing with the fact that one character, Maya, has two dads, which has now become the hottest gossip online. The episode features rainbow symbols and rainbow hearts. The message is obvious that it is “no big deal.” Various characters even push hashtags such as “#Dads are the new moms” and “#Love Wins.”

The creators of the show, Bruce Smith and Ralph Farquhar, told Entertainment Weekly that the show’s focus on LGBTQ is very much deliberate and meant to spark dialogue in the real world.

“Well, we knew from 2001, when we first started doing the show, that maybe the two biggest things that we could see that changed, especially as it related to young people, was the emergence of social media and gender and identity issues — the LGBTQ community rising in prominence and demanding its rightful recognition if you will,” Smith said in an interview. “And so that’s where we knew we had to take the show.

He added that everybody at Disney was “excited” about the themes.

Farquhar added that the show’s creators welcomed the conversations that the Proud family might create.

“Yeah I mean, we embrace what may be the uncomfortable nature of some conversations that might be generated by the topics and the episodes we do,” Farquhar said. “That’s always been Proud Family‘s way, and we’ve leaned into that even more for this iteration if you will. It is fantastic fodder for new stories, new characters, and as always we try to keep it funny as heck.”

Disney, of course, has included other same-sex couples in numerous shows and movies. It is also hosting its first-ever Pride-themed night this June.

Netflix’s “Groundbreaking” Non-Binary Character In A Show Meant For Preschoolers 

Netflix is also in on the act to target children under the age of six.

“Ridley Jones” is an animated show that began in 2021 and ran for five seasons, ending in March 2023. One of the main characters is Fred, a non-binary Bison who is rather open about his “identity.” The show was created by Chris Nee, who’s made clear that he was deliberately working to promote a gender identity message to the show’s very young audience.

“In creating the character of Fred, I was very aware that we were in a moment where the trans and gender-fluid and nonbinary community was in as much direct threat in conversation as I was coming out as gay in 1988,” Nee told The Los Angeles Times.

“Fred” is voiced by Iris Menas – a man who also identifies as non-binary.

Like Lindz Amer of “Blue’s Clues,” Menas expressed the importance of targeting kids while they are very young. 

“I hope when kids see Fred it helps a young child, nonbinary or not, feel less alone, less othered for whatever it is — their sexuality, their gender identity, anything at all,” Menas said. 

Keep in mind: he is talking about a preschooler here and whether or not they feel that their sexual orientation or gender is displayed on TV.

And then Menas lets it slip that his real intent is to change children’s standards of morality, or as he puts it, “normalize” this radical new version of what’s right or wrong.

“We can all relate to feeling othered in some ways as kids, so I think that’s particularly important,” Menas said. “Just to normalize the things that my generation has been taught are bad or wrong.”

Of course, Netflix and the show received praise from GLAAD’s director of media Jeremy Blacklow for its non-binary character. 

“[Children’s] shows are where the most growth needs to take place — and where the most growth is taking place,” Blacklow said to The L.A. Times. “Meeting kids where they are on terms they can understand is your North Star … presenting things in a matter-of-fact way and showing those lessons of friendship and what acceptance really means.”

Blacklow wants more media companies to present to four and five-year-olds that radical gender ideology is a fact — not something to be debated. By his own standards, if you don’t agree, then you aren’t a good friend nor accepting of others. 

“I do not see [‘Ridley Jones’] as a blip,” Blacklow also predicted. “I don’t think there’s any going backwards at this point. I think there’s only a pathway to more inclusiveness.”

Paramount+’s “Transformers: EarthSpark” Proves Blacklow’s Prediction True

Blacklow made that comment in November 2021 and has been proven correct. In the spring of 2023, Paramount+’s “Transformers: EarthSpark” revealed a non-binary character. The animated show is meant for kids ages seven and up.

“I know I’m safe when I’m with my friends or other nonbinary people,” one character named Sam said to a transformer named Nightshade in one episode.

Sam also explained that “non-binary” individuals are “people who aren’t female or male.” 

The two discussed their preferred pronouns as well.

“I always knew my pronouns felt right, but what a wonderful word for a wonderful experience,” Nightshade said of “non-binary.”

Later, Nightshade’s pronouns are introduced as “they/them.”

“He or she just doesn’t fit who I am,” Nightshade said.

A sampling of the scenes:

Paramount, it should be noted, also owns Nickelodeon.

What Does This Ultimately Mean For Parents?

Four of the biggest kids’ entertainment companies in the country — Netflix, Disney, Paramount+, and Nickelodeon, — all green-lit and produced content specifically meant to indoctrinate your kids with LGBTQ messaging and imagery that “normalizes” child mutilation, “chosen families,” gender fluidity, and so much more dangerous leftist nonsense. Those companies aren’t the only ones doing this.

So what does this mean for parents?

It means parents can no longer blindly park their kids in front of an iPad and assume all the shows they have access to are appropriate — even with parental controls turned on.

It means parents have to be extra vigilant against an entertainment industry openly bent on perverting the youngest of children with adult content.

It means parents need to be ultra-selective about where they find quality, trustworthy entertainment for kids.

For now, however, the traditional channels of entertainment have been hijacked by woke culture warriors who have no interest in simply making kids laugh. They have a very specific agenda which includes exposing prepubescent children to content that makes even adults blush.

These topics have no place in the hearts, minds, ears, and eyes of children. It is your duty as a mom, dad, or guardian to make sure your children are not consumed by this propaganda.

Disclosure: The Daily Wire has announced plans for kids entertainment content.

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