How The Media Covered Melania Trump Compared To Jill Biden: The Exhausting Hypocrisy Of The Left

TOPSHOT - US First Lady Melania Trump boards a plane at Andrews Air Force Base for a three state overnight trip March 4, 2019 in Maryland. - The First Lady travels to Oklahoma, Washington, and Nevada as part of her "Be Best" tour.

It should not surprise anyone that Jill Biden — Dr. Jill Biden, in some circles — has been elevated as a hero by the Left. Rising to prominence by association like Michelle Obama, her achievements are lauded, her morality celebrated, and even her fashion decisions labeled as the epitome of beauty.

And when these unelected spouses insert themselves into the legislative conversation and butcher basic Spanish pronunciations, for example, the story is out of the news cycle faster than a politically inconvenient would-be mass murderer.

For Republicans, on the other hand, spouses of elected officials are the target of continual scorn. Suddenly, the importance of “feminism” and “female empowerment” is exchanged for a more old-fashioned form of abuse, entirely because the first lady in question married a Republican instead of a Democrat.

No two figures are more indicative of this bizarre obsession and hatred than Jill Biden and the former first lady, Melania Trump.


In a moment that can only be described with the phrase “mutton dressed as lamb,” Jill Biden was seen clambering from an airplane in what appeared to be fishnet stockings. Rather than choosing the only rational response of complete disinterest, the Left applauded her style and grace.

“It’s Dr. FLOTUS Jill Biden to you, and she can wear what she wants,” wrote one Twitter user.

The same celebration of “style” and “beauty” was also heaped upon Michelle Obama, who continues to appear on magazine covers as liberals drool over her as a “fashion icon.”

Melania Trump, an actual supermodel, did not receive the same treatment. She was entirely ignored by the sporadically fashion-obsessed Left, with the only references to her past history being attempts to label her as “trashy.”


In a similar manner, the morality of Jill Biden and Michelle Obama was unquestionable, and it is practically sacrilegious to suggest otherwise.

For example, actress Rosanna Arquette recently tweeted, “I love First Ladies who are educated ,compassionate, have deep integrity and care about all Americans and on to of that are really chic . we’ve missed that since Michelle Obama. Now we have Dr Jill Biden.”

Beyond the pure assumption that Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are compassionate with deep integrity and that they care about all Americans, it’s a struggle to explain where such conclusions come from — beyond the fact that they’re Democrats. 

Conversely, Melania Trump was described as inherently immoral because she was associated with a Republican. One such delightful insight was provided by writer Tony Posnanski, who tweeted, “In all seriousness, Dr. Jill Biden could wear a pickle barrel with plastic grocery bags on her feet and she would still be classier than the racist birth [sic] f***face Melania Trump.”


Finally, there is the classic assumption of intelligence that is defined entirely by political affiliation. In simple terms, “Democrat smart, Republican dumb.”

Jill Biden is smart, apparently. Not only that, she’s a doctor! Sure, she has a doctorate in education from the University of Delaware, but — according to Whoopi Goldberg — she could still be a great candidate for surgeon general of the United States.

This means that Jill Biden’s complete butchery of basic Spanish words is immediately ignored, because she’s intelligent, you see.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump is reportedly fluent in numerous languages, and yet she is one immigrant the Left are all too happy to denigrate as unintelligent.


It has long been my opinion that we simply shouldn’t care about the unelected spouses of elected officials. Jill Biden, Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, they’re all entirely unimportant, and it’s frankly laughable that they were elevated as important figures in their husband’s administrations.

Only in politics could such undeserved authority be given without even raising an eyebrow. If I married the CEO of an oil dynasty, for example, it’s unlikely they’d place me in charge of their Middle Eastern branch on the first day.

Ideally, we can return to a time when the first lady or first gentleman is irrelevant. Until that time, however, let’s notice that the spouse of the president of the United States is simply a political tool to be used by the Left to attack their ultimate enemy — the Republican Party.

Ian Haworth is an editor and writer for The Daily Wire. Follow him on Twitter at @ighaworth.

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