Slippery Slope Confirmed Again: 50-Year-Old Man Competes Against 13-Year-Old Girls

Screeenshot: Rebel News.
Screeenshot: Rebel News.

Ten years ago we were told that men would never actually compete against women in women’s sports. Then it started happening and we were told that it would never become a common occurrence. And now here we are today, where there are so many prominent examples of men competing in women’s sports, and completely dominating the competition, that it’s easy to lose track of them all.

Of course there’s William Thomas, a.k.a. Lia Thomas, who went from the 89th ranked male swimmer to a national champion once he started pretending to be a woman. There’s also the Canadian man calling himself “Anne Andres,” who set a world record in women’s powerlifting. His total weight lifted — across squat, bench and deadlift — was more than 400 pounds higher than the closest woman. More recently, there’s the man we mentioned just yesterday “Hailey Davidson,” who just won the Women’s Classic in Orlando, which gives him a good chance of getting into the L.P.G.A. tour (where the “L” supposedly stands for “Ladies”).

Yesterday we played a clip from Davidson’s interview on “Good Morning Britain,” which as you recall was very interesting because in the interview Davidson, a trans athlete, admits the thing that the trans activists still try to deny — which is that males obviously have physical advantages over females. He says that there should be “guidelines” in place for this reason. This is one of those admissions that you’d think would lead to some follow-up questions, such as: Why are you competing in a women’s golf event that doesn’t have any of these guidelines? And what’s the difference between a “competitive advantage” and “cheating,” exactly? 

The reporter doesn’t ask those questions, instead, he immediately derails any line of inquiry that could lead to some introspection and pushback against trans ideology. That’s because the position of the corporate press, for a very long time now, has been that the trans cult can do whatever it wants. Even when they admit they’re cheating, they’re untouchable. They are always the victims, in every situation. Even when they commit mass shootings, they’re the victims.

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As for Davidson himself, he assures us that he is an exception to that rule because he has intentionally destroyed his body over the course of the past several years with hormones and surgeries. That is a very weak argument for reasons I already outlined. But there was something he said at the end of the clip that we didn’t spend much time talking about yesterday. Here it is again:


So “Hailey Davidson” is getting death threats. And therefore we should feel sorry for him and pretend he’s a woman. Also, Davidson reminds us that he’s just one person, so what’s the big deal? One person can’t possibly cause that many problems. Just go along with his delusions.

Those are the familiar arguments. And through it all, the reporter is using this guy’s fake pronouns and tossing him softball questions to lend some legitimacy to the whole charade, or humiliation ritual, or whatever you want to call it. Why are people so angry, Davidson wants to know. He’s confused — or pretends to be (in more ways than one, I suppose). He just can’t figure out why people are so upset.

Well, I would suggest that he already answered that question himself. The whole “biological advantages” bit that he conceded to. That’s one reason why people are angry. The other is that this whole agenda is depraved, false, and evil.

For years, it’s been clear where this depravity and evil would lead. Once you give a blank check to a large group of people who suffer from extremely high rates of serious mental illness, they will take full advantage of the opportunity. They won’t stop at beating adult women in sports competitions. Things will get much darker than that, and indeed, they already have.

This is a story that first broke a couple of months ago in Canada, courtesy of the Rebel News reporter David Menzies, who’s one of the few serious journalists left in Canada. (He’s the same reporter who broke the story of that Canadian shop teacher who wore the massive prosthetic breasts to class.) But this latest story from David Menzies is weirder and even more disturbing. And yet it hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as it deserves. Most people haven’t heard about it. So I want to make sure you do hear about it.

Here’s how it began.

Back in October, Menzies received a tip about the Fall Classic swimming competition at The Markham Pan Am Centre, which is just north of Toronto. Menzies obtained a scheduling sheet which showed that 10 swimmers had participated in the competition. Nine of them were girls between the ages of 13 and 14. But, strangely enough, the tenth name on the list was a 50-year-old man named Nicholas J. Cepeda. Cepeda, who uses the alter ego “Melody Wiseheart,” is a professor at York University in Toronto. His research specialties, Menzies found, include “children and youth.”

So why would a 50-year-old professor specializing in “children” be competing against 13-year-old-girls at a swimming competition? Again, these are not women in college he’s competing against, as grotesque as that would be. These are 13-year-olds. When Menzies first went down to the Pan Am Centre in October, they didn’t have many answers. First, they denied that Cepeda had competed against the teen girls. Then they admitted he had participated in the competition, but they wouldn’t say whether he had entered the changing rooms with 13- and 14-year-olds. They promised some follow-ups that never materialized. They obviously hoped Rebel News would just drop the story, but they didn’t.

A couple months later, Menzies was back. This time, he tracked the 50-year-old swimmer to the East Bayfield Community Centre in Barrie, Ontario, which was playing host to the “Trojan Cup” tournament. Which brings to mind all kinds of ironic metaphors about trojan horses. Here’s what happened:


So David Menzies records this 50-year-old man competing alongside underage girls. There’s no longer any denying that this is happening. And the response from the community center is not to explain why this is allowed. They don’t want to answer any of his questions about whether this guy is going in the changing rooms with these girls. They just try to hide their faces and threaten him. The justification they use is that filming is supposedly not allowed in the swimming area, even though this is a public facility, and people are filming all over the place. Watch:

All these representatives from the community center can do is say “no comment” and threaten to have Menzies arrested for filming in the swimming area, even though a lot of other people are filming in the swimming area. They then pretend not to see all of these other people filming. It’s an almost comical display of cowardice. But it’s clear these people want to hide something.

So Menzies stuck around to see what it was. And after a while, he discovered that indeed, this 50-year-old pervert was using the girl’s changing rooms. And when he was exposed, he panicked and ran away. Watch:


After somehow coming in sixth place, swimming against teen girls, this 50-year-old man scampers away in the night. And once again, as we see so often, he pretends to be the victim at the end there. Just like the officials in the swim center, he knows what he’s doing has no reasonable explanation. At least it has no explanation that he would ever want to say out loud. So instead he offers no explanation, and runs away.

You have to wonder. You have to wonder a lot of things, but the first one is: where are the parents? All of the girls swimming in the East Bayfield community center have parents, presumably. What exactly are they doing throughout all of this? Why is it only one Rebel News reporter who’s objecting at all to any of this?

The Toronto Sun did report on comments from some anonymous parents at this venue. “The girls were terrified,” one parent said. “It’s all so confusing for the kids,” said another parent. “No one is comfortable. Everybody is accepting of all people but them swimming against our kids and being in the locker room with them is not appropriate.” So the parents are comfortable speaking anonymously to the media but they’re apparently too cowardly to come out against this publicly. And to be clear, speaking out publicly should be the second thing you do. The first thing you should do is confront this man directly.

I can tell you for absolute certain that no man, under any circumstance, will ever enter a bathroom or locker room while my wife or daughters are in there. Nor would I sit back and watch a grown man invade a competition that my daughters are competing in. This is not one of those difficult situations where it’s hard to judge people if you aren’t in their shoes. This is not a difficult situation. There’s nothing difficult about it. That man should not be permitted to do what he’s doing. And if your own daughter is being victimized this way, right in front of you, the only difficulty you should have is in restraining yourself enough so that you don’t go to prison.


The cowardice of the parents here is incredible. Even more incredible given that the Sun has also confirmed that Cepeda was in the changing room with girls as young as 8-years-old at the East Bayfield Center on December 1st. The Sun reported that, “Girls from age eight to 16 in a Swimming Canada-sanctioned swim meet in Barrie last week not only found themselves in the same pool as a transgender female swimmer but in the same change room, too.”

So we’re talking about 13- and 14-year-olds girls, all the way down to 8-year-olds — and this guy has apparently been allowed to change in front of them. Meanwhile, the Canadian mainstream media has refused to cover this story. And as of the latest update we have from Rebel News and the Toronto Sun, both Toronto Police and Canada’s swimming regulator, called “Swimming Canada,” are doing everything they can to sneak this guy into events where young girls are present. They’ve allowed him to compete in these events since 2019, according to some reports. At least one rec center has canceled an event that would have involved Cepeda, but it appears that’s because they were worried about media attention — not the safety of underage girls.

So, basically, it’s now legal in Canada for 50-year-old degenerates to claim they’re women and then enter the changing rooms with young girls — girls as young as eight.

If, at this point, you still somehow harbored any doubts or any confusion at all about what the trans agenda is and what its true intentions are, hopefully you now have clarity. And the frustrating thing is that some conservatives (including myself) predicted years ago that it would get to this point. Once you’re willing to lie about objective reality, and pretend that people can identify as any gender they want, then you have no logical basis for telling a 50-year-old that he can’t compete with 8-year-olds. If he can invent his gender, why can’t he cosplay as a young child? All of this was easily foreseeable. You didn’t need to have a crystal ball or consult a fortune teller. The road map was laid out right in front of us. All you had to do was look at it, and speak up. But not enough people did. And those who did were ignored.

Just a few short years after the trans cult took hold of Canada, they have state-sanctioned adult male creeps running around in young girls’ locker rooms. A couple decades ago, David Menzies would have been joined by every father and police officer in Ontario, chasing that pervert down. Now they’re looking at David Menzies like he’s the crazy one.

This is the reality of life in Canada now and this is how slippery slopes work. The slippery slope is not a “fallacy,” as we’ve been told so many times. It’s an accurate way to describe how cultures change over time, particularly when they’re passive. There are successive changes, each one building on the last, until the country is completely unrecognizable.

To make a slippery slope prediction is simply to notice the prevailing logic of the culture. There is no logic to the idea that a man can be a woman because he identifies as one. But if we accept that non-logical logic, then it is not difficult to see what follows from that, and what follows from what follows, and so on.

Canada is farther along the slippery slope than we are. That’s for certain. In fact, they’ve fallen almost entirely to its bottom. And now we can either learn from their fall, or fall along with them.

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