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This Is The Single Most Complex, Greatest Political Prank In History

Emotionally unstable Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf launched an anti-Trump protest on January 20, dubbed the “He Will Not Divide Us” livestream. For the duration of President Trump’s time in office, randos were encouraged to stand in front of the live-feed and espouse the anti-Trump mantra as a form of “resistance.”

In epic fashion, anonymous pro-Trump 4chan users ruined this silly little protest: The livestream was eventually disabled after LaBeouf noticed his camera was pointed toward a flagpole flying an alt-right Pepe the frog t-shirt and a “Make America Great Again” hat.

But how the 4channers got to this point is even more impressive.

First, the camera had to be moved from NYC to Albuquerque, New Mexico after LaBeouf was arrested for losing his ever-loving mind when Trump supporters began yelling pro-Trump slogans into his camera. Following that incident, the live-feed was moved out of Albuquerque after gunshots were heard.

LaBeouf, fed up with the pro-Trumpers, moved his livestream to an undisclosed location, where the camera was pointed toward a white flag which said “He Will Not Divide US” in black lettering.

The 4chan pranksters then set their sights on the flag. Without any clues as to where that flag was in the world, they were going to find it and troll the heck out of LaBeouf.

“The search began on March 8 and was immediately narrowed when LaBeouf was spotted on social media at a diner in Greenville, Tennessee, although some in the thread still believed the flag was in the Great Lakes area due to wind patterns,” notes Heat Street. “The time of the sunset in Greenville matched with the time of sunset on the stream, and so did the weather on local weather reports.”

The pranksters even looked into flight patterns:

One of the few clues available on the stream were the contrails left by airplanes. Greenville was finally confirmed as the location after two planes observed on online flight radars intersected over the town and were seen on the stream.

Finally when three planes flew over the area, 4channers were able to triangulate an approximate location of the flag.

When the location had to be narrowed down further, 4channers used ancient astronomy, studying the stars in the video to pin-point a location.

“They also sent out a guy in his truck to honk his horn around Greenville to see if they could hear it on the livestream, to mark the location,” notes Heat Street.

The flag was found on private property in Tennessee, and the prank officially commenced: The “He Will Not Divide Us” flag was removed from the flagpole and replaced with a Pepe the frog t-shirt and a “Make America Great Again” hat.

The “He Will Not Divide Us Flag” now resides with some anonymous and legendary 4chan Troll King.

LaBeouf’s livestream protest has been officially derailed. Now, only a “Waiting for the event to go live” notification shows up where the “resistance” once took place.