Shapiro At ‘Newsweek’: A Genius Academy Hoax Exposed That Liberal Arts Colleges Don’t Care About The Truth


This week, three professors—medieval religious scholar Helen Pluckrose, author and mathematician James Lindsay, and philosopher Peter Boghossian—revealed that they had pulled the greatest academic stunt in history. Over the course of ten months, they wrote 20 hoax papers in a field they termed “grievance studies,” and then proceeded to seek distribution in the world’s finest academic journals. Fully seven of the twenty were approved; four were actually published, and another three were in the process of publication. The authors were even asked to peer-review other papers based on the expertise they displayed in their academic papers.

So, what were the papers? Well, first there was “Going In Through The Back Door: Challenging The Straight Male Homohysteria, Transhysteria and Transphobia Through Receptive Penetrative Sex Toy Use.” This masterpiece appeared in Sexuality and Culture. Its thesis: straight men should be anally penetrated by sex toys in order to become more receptive to feminism and transgenderism, and to fight rape culture.

Then there was “Human Reactions To Rape Culture And Queer Performativity At Urban Dog Parks In Portland, Oregon,” as published in Gender, Place and Culture. This article theorized that heteronormativity was underscored by watching dogs have sex with each other. This piece received an award for excellence.

Perhaps more to your taste would be the paper, “Who Are They To Judge?: Overcoming Anthropometry and a Framework for Fat,” published in Fat Studies, in which the authors argued that fat bodybuilding should be pursued.

Or how about “An Ethnography of Breastaurant Masculinity: Themes of Objectification, Sexual Conquest, Male Control, and Masculine Toughness in a Sexually Objectifying Restaurant,” published in Sex Roles, in which the authors investigated why men visit Hooters restaurants.

The list goes on. And it’s spectacular.

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