SHAPIRO: Introducing John Fetterman


I’d like to introduce you to John Fetterman.

Fetterman is the Democrats’ Pennsylvania Senate candidate for the open seat left by Republican Pat Toomey. Right now, he is leading his race against Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Now, you might wonder why John Fetterman is ahead. After all, he doesn’t truly have the makings of a traditionally successful candidate. For example, John Fetterman is an odd-looking fellow; he is six foot eight, bald as an egg, tattooed and goateed; slap some bolts on his neck, and he’s a dead ringer for Peter Boyle playing Frankenstein. And he isn’t exactly the picture of health: he suffered a debilitating stroke just a few months ago, a stroke so severe it left him off the campaign trial and utterly unable to deliver a speech — even now. Watch.

Then there’s the problem of John Fetterman’s actual political program. He’s not a Pennsylvania moderate, he’s a Bernie Sanders socialist.

In 2016 — in addition to endorsing Sanders’ presidential run — Fetterman signed a pledge to support the so-called Keep It In The Ground Act, which was designed to ban new oil, gas, and coal leasing on federal lands. He has pushed repeatedly for pardons or commutations for violent felons; he said Pennsylvania could release one third of its inmates and be just as safe; he supports sanctuary cities; he backed Philadelphia’s insanely pro-crime DA, Larry Krasner. It seems that Fetterman is very much in favor of loose treatment of crime unless he personally sees a black man running after hearing shots fired near his home: in 2013, Fetterman, according to The New York Times, “used his shotgun to stop an unarmed Black jogger and detain him, telling the police that he had heard shots fired near his home and spotted the man running.” Fetterman actually chased the man in his pickup truck and held him at gunpoint until the police arrived. 

He then defended his actions:


Felons on the loose for thee, vigilante justice for me.

That’s not the only area where Fetterman is a hypocrite: while he was lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, he took a vacation to the Jersey Shore, security team in tow – all while telling Americans to continue locking down.

So, what makes John Fetterman such an exceptional candidate, according to the media? He’s authentic. Authentic, you see, means that you wear Dickies and that your aides tweet snarky things about your opponents.

Most of all, according to the media, authentic means that you are radically unsuccessful.

You see, if you are a person who did well in the private sector, this means that you are inauthentic. You played by the rules. You’re a conformist tool of The Man. To be a real rebel, you have to show that you’re actually a loser, and that you have never done a thing of actual economic value to any human being. You have to leech off your parents while in “public service.”

You have to be a professional useless person.

Because that’s what John Fetterman is and was. You see, Fetterman acted as the “full-time mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania” from 2006 to 2019. Braddock is a town of less than 2,000 citizens, so you wouldn’t expect that position to pay well. And it doesn’t. The salary, according to Breitbart, was $1,800. So, how did Lurch actually support himself? He didn’t. In 2013, as Breitbart reports, he paid his sister $1 for a loft she bought for $70,000; in 2015, his parents gave him $54,000 – in increments under $14,000, the better not to pay the taxes he loves for others to pay; 2016, Fetterman’s father donated $100,000 to a single-candidate super PAC backing his Senate candidacy. So, John Fetterman lived off his parents, like a good socialist would, until he was 46 years old.

His response to this fact? He says that Mehmet Oz is very bad because Mehmet Oz has earned a lot of money in the private sector. “Mehmet Oz is an ultra-millionaire!” responded Fetterman’s campaign communications director Joe Calvello. 

Because, you see, according to the Democratic Party and its favored candidates, earning money is a terrible, terrible thing.

You must be a career useless person.

In fact, most Democratic politicians are career useless people. Barack Obama spent the vast majority of his career working as a community organizer, or in academia, or as a politician. Nancy Pelosi has spent her entire life in politics, never earning a private sector paycheck. She is now 82 years old. Bernie Sanders was a deadbeat dad who spent his young adult life as a nearly-unemployable derelict spouting Marx to people – he was actually so irritating that he was kicked off a commune for failure to work after three days of visiting. Finally, at the age of 40, Bernie finally won a mayoral election in Burlington, Vermont, and he’s been on the government dime ever since; he’s now 80.

Joe Biden, too, has essentially spent his entire work life on the taxpayer dime, beginning at the age of 27. He is now 79. 

These aren’t outliers. According to economists Stephen Moore and Jon Decker, 62 percent of Biden appointees who deal directly with business have virtually no business experience. Their average business experience overall was 2.4 years.

Meanwhile, we’re told that Donald Trump is a tax cheat and villain; Mitt Romney is evil because he fired people. The real sin in the land of the Democrats is earning money by actually creating value. It’s a point of pride to be useless. Here’s Pete Buttigieg bragging about his lack of ability to create value for other human beings during the 2020 Democratic debate.

As it turns out, the Democratic aversion to wealth only lasts as long as you’re working in the private sector. If you get rich while you’re in government, that’s fine – Nancy Pelosi has earned somewhere between $89,500 and $223,500 annually during her tenure in Congress, but she’s now worth north of $100 million. Weird. Barack Obama wasn’t wealthy before his presidency, but he’s sure raking it in now: some estimates put his net worth at $70 million. Joe Biden is worth $8 million while working on a government salary. It turns out that public service is sometimes private service, too.

So, what does all of this mean? It means that people who claim that they live lives like you simply don’t. They don’t earn money for their families. They take money from you to pay their salaries. They don’t create jobs – they’ve never created jobs. They experiment with your business and your job. 

And they do this because, according to the Left, they are morally superior. In fact, the very fact that they don’t work in the private sector makes them superior. Their career uselessness is a sign of moral rectitude; you working your job is just proof that they should boss you around.

Which brings us back to John Fetterman. Fetterman is truly authentic according to the Left, because you have to be freed of the bonds of capitalism to find yourself. The fact that you’ve been economic dead weight for your entire adult life is what makes you most valuable to the world, because the system is bad, and earning money in the private sector is complicity in the system. And who would know that better than a career loser?

So vote for John Fetterman. Because after all, somebody has to keep feeding the poor guy.

This piece is adapted from an episode of The Ben Shapiro Show.

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