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‘Rudolph’ Actor Responds To Critics Calling Iconic Film Bigoted, Sexist

Last week, the Huffington Post went all Huffington Post and bemoaned the Christmas classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” as “seriously problematic,” allegedly perpetuating bigotry, sexism, and discrimination.

As one can imagine, sane people from all walks of life were pretty flabbergasted and frankly annoyed with the needless complaining from the Social Justice far-Left. This includes actress Corrine Conley, who voiced the doll in the original 1964 children’s movie.

Conley basically told TMZ that critics, whom she likened to “Scrooge,” clearly did not fully watch or understand the movie.

“Certainly in ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Red Deer’ everyone is reconciled happily at the end of the movie,” she said. “And let’s hope in today’s society the things people are bullying about can also be rectified.”

“I just can’t imagine it affecting anyone in a negative way. They must be like Scrooge,” Conley continued. “Tell them to watch ‘Scrooge.'”

Throughout her life, Conley said she’s encountered scores of people who become overwhelmed with emotion when they find out she voiced the doll on the classic, telling her how much the movie meant to them.

As noted by The Daily Wire last week, the Huffington Post’s outrageous video excoriating the classic film as problematic was titled “Rudolph, The Marginalized Reindeer”:

“The video starts with the other reindeer calling Rudolph names, such as ‘fire snout,’ ‘rainbow puss,’ and ‘red schnoz.’ Rudolph turns to them and cries, ‘Stop calling me names!’ As the video continues with scenes from the story, the screen reads. ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a holiday classic that returns to TV each holiday season, but lately, viewers are noticing the tale may not be so jolly after all and they’re sharing their observations online.'”

The screen then shows various tweets attacking the classic, with statements such as, ‘Yearly reminder that #Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a parable on racism & homophobia w/Santa as a bigoted exploitative prick,” and “Santa’s operation is an HR nightmare and in serious need of diversity and inclusion training. #Rudolph.'”

The video continued to highlight other “problems” with the classic:

“Former fans are pointing out Rudolph’s father verbally abuses him.” “Santa berates Donner for his son’s nose.” “The school coach encourages bullying.” “Donner forbids his wife from joining the search for their son.” “Clarice’s Dad is a bigot.” “Even the elf is an outcast for wanting to be a dentist.”

“An appropriate bit of wisdom for #Rudolph. It’s good we don’t fit in. It means that we aren’t assh***s,” reads the last rage-tweet cited in the video post.

But most responses to the tweet ripped the outlet for the same reasons highlighted by Conley. “The story is about him over coming [sic] discrimination and you can’t over come [sic] discrimination if there is no discrimination in the first place so logically there should be discrimination in the story. That doesn’t mean it’s condoning or encouraging it,” said one Twitter user.

Another user noted, “Puh-lease. Sure there’s meanness in the story and his father’s cruel and Rudolph feels lost and alone. Then he finds his group and realizes his gifts and is honored for them without changing who he is. It actually seems like a story we could all benefit from. Now be quiet.”

More succinctly put, a user wrote: “Oh for heaven’s sake, #LightenUp!”

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