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Revoking Jake Tapper’s MSM Bias ‘Exception Card’

For years I’ve defended CNN (which is Hitler) anchor Jake Tapper as an exception to the world of glaring, overt, and overwhelming mainstream media bias. This defense goes back to when Tapper was the Senior White House Correspondent for ABC News. And on the political right, I was not alone. But at least for me, my defense of Tapper ended forever earlier this month.

Before we begin, let me start by saying that I have absolutely no problem with Tapper asking Donald Trump 23 follow-up questions about the non-troversy surrounding this Mexican judge. Unless it is a totally fabricated controversy like Todd Akin, you will never hear me complain about a Republican candidate facing brutally tough media questioning.

Media bias has very little to do with how so-called journalists treat Republicans and everything to do with how these same so-called journalists treat Democrats. Bottom line: If the media treated Democrats with the same harsh scrutiny and skepticism Republicans face, I’d be out of a job.

But they don’t, and now the “they” includes Tapper, who truly disgraced himself in these dueling interviews with Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Let’s start with the Trump interview:

In full grandstanding, self-righteous mode (we’ve seen this Tapper come out against Republicans before), Tapper hammers Trump over this judge 23 times — 23 freakin’ times! Tapper refuses to move on for about 4 minutes.

Note, though, how Tapper hides crucially important and mitigating information from his audience, like the judge’s cozy relationship with the racist hate-group La Raza.

And this is not the first time in his quest to destroy Trump that Tapper has hidden information from his audience.

Back in February, Tapper asked Trump if he would condemn David Duke and the KKK. Trump famously bungled the question, but during the interview, Tapper chose not to disclose the crucially important fact that less than 24 hours earlier, Trump had not only disavowed David Duke but done so without being asked to do so. Tapper pretending that for the first time he is asking Trump to do something he had just voluntarily done is propaganda not journalism.

With all of that in mind, watch the video below… The key part of Tapper’s Hillary Clinton interview occurs near the end at the 6:20 mark, where Tapper practically apologizes to Hillary for bringing up the myriad of scandals surrounding the corrupt Clinton Foundation (“And I’m not equating Trump University with the Clinton Foundation,” Tapper squeaks.). Moreover, after she not only dodges the question with lies (“we’ve disclosed everything“) and then uses the question to attack Trump, Tapper doesn’t ask a SINGLE FOLLOW UP (much less 23).

So why would Tapper do this?

Why in a single day would he trash all the credibility he has built up over the years?

Here are my theories.

1. Tapper’s a left-winger who, like the rest of the MSM, absolutely despises Donald Trump.

2. If you think about it, what Tapper did with Clinton is what he’s been doing for years — throwing conservatives a bone by bringing up the Clinton Foundation scandal but carefully doing so in a way that doesn’t damage her. This way he can claim he did ask her about it.

This is Tapper’s modus operandi. He’s happy to toss a bone but never truly challenges the MSM or CNN (which is Hitler) narrative. Here he is in Ferguson grandstanding and ginning up cop-hate (and the violence that always seems to follow) in a black neighborhood, a CNN (which is Hitler) specialty.

In a medium as corrupt as the MSM, we’ve probably been a little too grateful for those bones.

3. Laziness. Listen, it’s easy to badger a Donald Trump over an issue like the Mexican judge. Other than the political benefit for Democrats, one of the reasons Tapper and the MSM so love identity-politics is that these non-troversies almost never require an act of journalism, just a self-righteous desire to grandstand.

The Clinton Foundation, however, is a complicated and byzantine scandal that would require actual journalism if a reporter was seriously interested in getting to the truth. Since Peter Schweizer broke the scandal, Hillary has had more than a year to hone her talking points. To break through those rebuttals, a reporter would have to roll up his sleeves and burn the midnight oil.

4. Cowardice. If you recall, when these dueling interviews occurred, the entire MSM-complex had its Death Star pointed at Trump over this judge. Had Tapper been at all interested in MAKING ACTUAL NEWS with Hillary, it might have distracted away from the MSM’S Kill Shot. Within Tapper’s elite, left-wing world this would be an unpardonable sin. For the sake of his career, Tapper regularly refuses to stray from The Narrative Plantation.

5. Hillary intimidates Tapper. I don’t mean to single Tapper out in this regard. It is just a fact, though, that when Hillary sits down with America’s MSM males, she is always the alpha-male in the room. Hillary is nobody’s fool. She’s a lying sociopath but a very smart and intimidating one.

Taking Hillary on when it comes to a potentially devastating scandal requires guts, painful preparation, a desire for the truth, and the risk of being seen as an apostate among your colleagues.

Tapper will no doubt keep throwing the right bones… but become his own man and hammer a Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren or any other high-profile sacred cow with the same ferocity he did Ben Carson and Donald Trump?

Don’t hold your breath.

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