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Report: NFL’s Seahawks Cancel Kaepernick Workout Over His National Anthem Kneeling

On Thursday, it was reported that the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks canceled a workout for former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick because he refused to stop kneeling for the national anthem:

Seventeen minutes later, that report was mildly disputed:

Still, common to both tweets is the idea that Kaeprnick’s kneeling for the anthem may be the salient reason why some teams have no desire to hire him.

This made some journalists very angry indeed:

As was reported last October, the NFL admitted that the controversy over kneeling for the national anthem caused it to lose business. CNS News reported in late September:

Operators of two of the largest U.S. ticket marketplaces say they are seeing declines in orders for NFL games amid festering controversy over the national anthem. NFL ticket sales at TickPick slumped 17.9 percent this week compared with the prior week, their steepest decline since 2014, while sales at TicketCity plunged 31 percent. For pro football games in September, ticket sales at TicketCity are down 16 percent from a year ago.

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