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‘Remarkable!’: Dinesh D’Souza Announces ‘2000 Mules’ Screening At EU In Brussels
Dinesh D'Souza
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Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza announced on Twitter that his new movie, “2000 Mules,” will be screened today at the EU in Brussels. 

“Remarkable! “2000 Mules” is being screened today at the EU in Brussels, followed by a discussion of the worldwide problem of election fraud,” the 61-year-old political commentator shared with his more than two million Twitter followers.

He was retweeting Dutch politician Thierry Baudet’s post, which said, “Today, @fvdemocratie organizes a screening in the @Europarl_EN (Brussels) of @DineshDSouza’s groundbreaking documentary on the 2020 US Presidential election fraud. Afterwards, I will participate in a panel discussion with #FVD MEP @MJRLdeGraaff and #AFD MEP @Joachim_Kuhs.”

D’Souza also retweeted the announcement that “2000 Mules” would be returning to theaters this weekend rather than limiting the film to special event screenings, which will make the tickets cheaper. 

“2000 Mules” is a film alleging voter fraud that’s been making headlines for weeks. The Daily Wire originally reported that the documentary made more than $1 million on streaming sites Rumble and its subscription-based platform, Locals, in the first weekend post-release. 

D’Souza said the project was inspired by True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, who he claims gained access to a “treasure trove of cellphone data, this is called cellphone “geotracking,” which they believed proved “election fraud.” 

The title refers to 2,000 people who allegedly made dozens of trips each to drop boxes to deposit mail-in ballots, which were targeted to swing states including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Phillips interviewed an informant from Yuma County, Arizona, who claimed “mules” were paid based on the quantity of ballots they stuffed in drop boxes. Previously, the Department of Homeland Security had assured the public that the last presidential election as “the most secure in American history,” according to Newsweek

“I would get a call to find out how many ballots were brought in and if they were already pre-filled out first,” the informant said. The person kept their identity obscured for the movie.

The film has received both high praise and extreme criticism, mostly divided on party lines. DeSouza shot back at critic Amanda Carpenter, who called “2000 Mules” a “performance piece” and “hilarious mockumentary.” She said it’s “an investigative documentary in roughly the same way Reno 911 was a hard-hitting look at real-life police work.”

The filmmaker shot back, “Ball State grad @amandacarpenter offers a good lesson in the limitations of studying film criticism at a third-rate university.”

The film has a 7.2/10 rating on IMDb.

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