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Radical Muslims Continue Terror Attacks Against Nigerian Christians

In an ongoing series of tragic events that the mainstream media seems largely uninterested in covering, radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen aided by terrorists launched several attacks against Christians between January 22 and 25, burning down dozens of houses and murdering eight innocent civilians.

The first attack took place on January 22, when Islamic radical ambushed and murdered three Christians traveling from Telma village to their homes in the Kpachudu and Kwall villages. One of the victims was beheaded.

On January 25, Islamic extremists burned 50 homes and a partially constructed church in the village of Zanwra, near the city of Jos, in the Plateau state according to a Morning Star News report.

Rev. Sunday Gado Biri of the Evangelical Church Winning All witnessed the devastation. He told the press, “A critical look at these attacks has revealed that it is not only the herdsmen who are attacking Christian communities, as there are terrorists collaborating with them to carry out these attacks.”

The Christians have asked the government to help; though soldiers have been dispatched to the territory, the attacks have not ceased.

Biri explained, “When the herdsmen were burning down houses, the soldiers could not stop them. In spite of this, I still want to appeal to the Nigerian government that it should stop these killings.”

“All houses around the DTV area [near Zanwra] to the ECWA Church, Zanwra, were burned down,” said Zamwra villager Patience Moses. She witnessed the devastation at the hands of the radical Islamists. “The house of the pastor of ECWA church, Rev. Sunday Biri, was burned down, while the church itself was partially burned. Soldiers who were trying to repel the attackers ran out of bullets, and so the attackers succeeded in burning down houses.”

Radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen have led an ongoing assault on Christians living in Kano, Plateau, and Riyom states. The attacks have lead to hundreds of deaths, disappearances and kidnappings. The Nigerian government seems unable or unwilling to assist, and the mainstream media seems uninterested in reporting this story.