Poopin’ Joe

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, FRANCE - JUNE 06: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery on the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 06, 2024 in Colleville-sur-Mer, France. Veterans, families, political leaders and military personnel are gathering in Normandy to commemorate D-Day, which paved the way for the Allied victory over Germany in World War II. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Win McNamee/Getty Images

On Thursday, Joe Biden went to Normandy on the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, the largest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare, and attempted to channel Ronald Reagan. 

Ronald Reagan was there for the 40th anniversary of D-Day and gave an incredibly famous and wonderful speech about the boys of Pointe du Hoc and the rest of that fateful day. 

Joe Biden showed up and proceeded to possibly poop, which is under dispute. The White House suggested that the president did not, in fact, poop.

But the fact that it’s an open question is not ideal for the president of the United States, who has now been the subject of a giant Wall Street Journal piece pointing out the obvious to all of us, which is that the president is no longer functional. 

The New York Times reported:

The aging American president facing a re-election campaign came to the Normandy coast of France to pay tribute to the daring Army Rangers who scaled the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc, offer a paean to democracy for which they sacrificed and perhaps even wrap himself a little bit in their reflected glory.

That was 1984, and the president was Ronald Reagan, who delivered an ode to heroism and patriotism that would become one of the most iconic moments of his presidency. Forty years later, another aging president facing re-election plans to return to the same spot Friday to honor the same heroes and effectively align himself with Mr. Reagan’s legacy of leadership against tyranny.

Good luck to Joe Biden if he hoped to mirror the performance of Ronald Reagan in 1984 in Normandy. In 1984, Reagan was 73-years-old, younger than both of the major party candidates this year. Biden is currently 81 and no longer in control of his faculties. 

The viral clips that were going around social media yesterday were not the clips of Biden appearing stalwart in defense of democracy. They were clips of the president doddering around, guided by his handlers, led by the hand by Dr. Jill (who’s going to need a medical degree before all of this is over, given the way that Biden is medically slipping).

Biden arrived at Omaha Beach and staggered around in his moon shoes. They have him in these moon shoes because they are afraid he is going to trip or keel over.

He got out of the car, didn’t know where to go, and stood there looking bewildered, his mouth slack-jawed. Then, he went on stage with the other world leaders, all of whom are probably half his age. He had this particularly odd moment in which he was not sure whether to sit down on a chair or not to sit down on a chair — though nobody else seemed confused. Everyone else was standing. You might feel for Dr. Jill, except for the fact that she’s the one who’s keeping him in power and has ambitions of her own.

Biden had to be led away, tottered away, by Dr. Jill before everyone else.

All the rest of the world leaders greeted all of the members of the Greatest Generation.

But Biden was gone. During the ceremony, he appeared to be lost; at times, he appeared to have his eyes closed, which has become a common occurrence for him. The Wall Street Journal reported that during meetings, it’s not clear whether he’s fallen asleep or not.

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Why does any of this matter? It matters because this is a president who clearly is not in command. So the question becomes, who is in command?

The answer is: whoever’s in command that day. There is no one consistent answer. It is not as though there’s a shadow president like Barack Obama sitting in the background manipulating all the strings. At least then you would get a bad but coherent policy from Biden.

But we are getting an extraordinary level of volatility and eccentricity in Biden’s policymaking, which makes it feel as though he’s ping-ponging off the walls, because he is. That is not unusual in a case when you have somebody who’s approaching senility; on some days, they are better than on others.

Even his greatest allies, people who perform acts of Stormy-Daniels-level sycophancy upon Biden, are starting to make jokes about the fact he does not appear to be in control of himself.

Jimmy Kimmel, lackey par excellence to the Biden administration, mocked Biden descending stairs. That’s always a great look, when even the people who love you the most are making fun of the fact you might fall down the stairs at any moment.

Democrats are fighting off the perception that this president is not only incompetent at his job, but that he’s just not with it by ratcheting up the rhetoric against Donald Trump. That’s because if they can make the election a referendum on Trump, then Trump has some trouble. If the election is a referendum on Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, then Biden has some trouble, which is why the chief goal of the Trump campaign should be to stay out of the line of fire.

Quiet Trump is the best Trump. If Trump were to actually pursue Biden’s strategy from 2020 by going into a basement and staying there until November, Trump would be president of the United States again. 

It is the job of Democrats to pull the panic alarm and push the panic button with regard to Trump, so they are really ratcheting it up.

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton issued what is one of the most egregious tweets I’ve ever seen in my life. She wrote, “Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy. This November, all we have to do is vote.”

According to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is Hitler. And when you vote against Donald Trump, that is the same as you storming the beaches of Normandy. It’s the same as when your great-grandfather stormed the beaches of Normandy while his friends got killed by mortars.

There are a couple of reasons this is insulting: The idea that voting is in any way equivalent to military service is absurd. The idea that Trump is orange Hitler is absurd; we know he isn’t. He was president of the United States already.

Mitch Landrieu, who’s a senior advisor in infrastructure coordination for the Biden administration, echoed, “I feel very, very confident that this is going to be a very hard fought race … but when the chips are down, the American people are going to show up just like those kids did, 80 years ago.”

“Just like the kids did 80 years ago?” As though storming off of an amphibious landing craft onto a beach marked by machine gunfire is the same as voting for the old man who may have actually pooped on himself at Normandy?

You have the Biden administration saying Trump is the incipient tyrant and voting against him is like storming the beaches of Normandy. 

That’s despicable.

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