Politicians Waste Time Talking About UFOs, Proving There Is No Intelligent Life In Congress


There was a big hearing on Capitol Hill about UFOs.

The whole idea that there are aliens out there who have visited Earth is nonsensical.

We all know there are no aliens on planet Earth, other than perhaps Bernie Sanders.

I have a question: Do you recall when Donald Trump was president of the United States, he said a lot of stuff? And do you think that if Donald Trump actively knew there were aliens and UFOs in the possession of the United States government, he wouldn’t have tweeted that within seconds?

Another question: Do you think the government is this amazing at secrecy—and has been for 70 years? Or maybe, is it that they’re hiding other stuff, such as their own military incompetence or the fact spacecraft or aircraft are out there from other countries that they don’t know about?

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All of this is a great opportunity for members of Congress to grandstand. I understand that they all want to play the lead in the next Tom Cruise sci-fi movie, but they have nothing. 

The evidence that’s been provided so far amounts to people witnessing things they can’t explain with their own eyes, which is roughly half the things that happen on a daily basis for many people.

So many people have seen Bigfoot, yet nobody seems to have a really credible, good view of Bigfoot that they can show. So many people have claimed to have seen UFOs. We live on a planet where everyone has a cell phone and you’re telling me that no one has yet to take credible images of any of this? 

Many government actors simply use issues like this to avoid their day job. It’s a great way of not having to legislate or investigate things that actually have consequences for the American people.

One of the witnesses, a retired major, said he has evidence that non-human bodies were discovered at a crash site. He must have finally found those burned Barbie dolls that we used the other day.

You either believe this stuff or you don’t. I don’t believe it. I don’t see the evidence for it.

And I think it is all a giant waste of time.


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