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Planned Parenthood’s Interim President: Christians Can Support Abortions

Christians can indeed support the killing of unborn children in the womb, according to Planned Parenthood interim president Alexis McGill Johnson, who stepped in for Leana Wen immediately after Wen was forced out by Planned Parenthood’s board for not being politically aggressive enough.

According to LifeNews, Johnson has served on the abortion conglomerate’s board of directors for “many years” and has spent some of that time advocating for a Christian ethos that permits abortions.

Speaking with the Christian Post in 2014, Johnson described herself as a practicing Christian who believes that the complex decision of abortion should be left to the woman in consultation with her doctor and “her God.”

“We all recognize that abortion and terminating a pregnancy is a very complicated decision, but that issue needs to be left to a woman, her doctor and her God, not a politician,” Johnson said. “I felt that it was a very insulting way of trying to suggest that we’re not capable of grappling with the implications of the decisions that we make.”

In the same interview, Johnson condemned pro-life campaigns that rightfully highlight the intrinsic racism of abortion, such as one campaign that blasted New York City for having more abortions among black people than births.

“I feel like it’s an assault on black women’s ability to make a decision,” Johnson said of the pro-life campaign. “We’d have to talk about the conditions under which that is happening. Black women have less access to healthcare for a whole variety of reasons, and so trying to create those causal links are not always the easiest ways to understand really what’s underlying the challenges that black women are facing.”

Johnson’s basis for her false theological position is the advocacy of Sister Simone Campbell — a radical feminist Catholic nun who claims to be pro-life but describes herself as “agnostic about passing laws to stop abortions,” which is akin to the age-old adage “personally opposed, but…”

“Sister Simone Campbell … always makes this distinction to me, which I think is so important, which is that we can have these really false dichotomy debates about who’s pro-life and who’s pro-choice but we can’t just have conversations that are about pro-birth,” said Johnson. “And if we want to have a broad conversation around how we advocate for creating the opportunities to bring women to term, then we need to have a full conversation about what it means when that child is here, what kind of impact it’s going to have on a family’s life, on a community’s life, and we have to commit to all of the other resources that will support that ….”

After just 10 months in power, Planned Parenthood president Leanna Wen departed from the abortion empire on Tuesday for reportedly not being politically aggressive enough in the age of Trump. Insiders note, however, that another factor that contributed to Wen’s departure was her lack of “trans-inclusive” language, believing that it would isolate moderates from supporting Planned Parenthood.

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