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Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada: How Swing States’ Economies Could Influence Their Midterm Races

Among the issues drawing attention from voters ahead of the midterm elections are the economy and inflation, with as many as 84% naming the former as a top factor on their minds.

As rising price levels, soaring energy costs, ballooning national debt, and labor shortages lead the economy into a technical recession, candidates running as Republicans therefore have a clear advantage over their Democratic counterparts. Residents of each swing state, however, were uniquely impacted by the disruption of the past two years, as various Republican campaigns explained to The Daily Wire.



Total inflation under Biden — 11.2%

Unemployment rate — 4.2%

Price of regular gas — $3.95

Effective tax rate — 11.4%

Beyond the more recent inflationary pressures, political battles in the Keystone State are perennially centered upon fossil fuels and energy independence due to the commonwealth’s extensive hydrocarbon resources. Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano are vying to replace Governor Tom Wolf, a two-term Democrat.

“Inflation has taken a massive toll on working families across Pennsylvania, who are struggling to cope with the surging prices of food, gasoline, and other basic goods,” a spokesperson for the Mastriano campaign told The Daily Wire. “Regrettably, Democrat lawmakers have failed to rebuild our economy and reboot our energy production — which is why so many Pennsylvanians are concerned about Josh Shapiro, who is an ideological replica of President Biden and Governor Wolf.”

The retirement of Republican Senator Pat Toomey marks one of the few opportunities for progressives to flip a seat in the upper chamber. Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is seeking to defeat Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican, in one of the most closely watched races in the cycle.

“Pennsylvanians are fully aware that the commonwealth is uniquely positioned to be one of the most prosperous states in America,” the Mastriano campaign continued. “Our energy sector alone has extraordinary potential to help our country become a global energy powerhouse.”

Pennsylvanians are therefore expected to strongly consider climate and energy policies as they seek to replace two longtime incumbents.


Total inflation under Biden — 13.9%

Unemployment rate — 2.8%

Price of regular gas — $3.24

Effective tax rate — 8.9%

Although families in the Peach State continue to struggle under high prices, residents are experiencing a robust job market and a relatively light tax burden in comparison to the rest of the country. Former football star Herschel Walker, a Republican, is attempting to unseat Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, while Governor Brian Kemp, an incumbent Republican, is campaigning for a second term against Stacey Abrams, a former Democratic state lawmaker. 

“As Governor Kemp meets with hardworking Georgians on the campaign trail, one of the top concerns they have is rising cost of living,” the Kemp campaign told The Daily Wire. “That is why Governor Kemp is campaigning on his record of creating economic opportunity and championing relief through tax cuts and refunds that returned billions to Georgians’ pockets.”

Kemp ended lockdowns for businesses such as bowling alleys, nail salons, and fitness centers as early as April 2020, breaking from most other state executives.

Because Georgia led the nation in reopening, our unemployment rate is now at its lowest point in state history, more Georgians are in the workforce than ever before, the state has celebrated two straight years of record-breaking economic development, and we’ve been able to use billions in surplus revenue to help families fight through the inflation crisis,” his campaign added. “Contrast that with the failed policies of blue states like California and New York who kept their economies shut down and are now battling soaring crime, unemployment, and energy prices.”

Georgians who benefited from an economy that has generally outperformed the national average may not be eager to attempt a different formula.


Total inflation under Biden — 15.4%

Unemployment rate — 4.4%

Price of regular gas — $5.18

Effective tax rate — 9.6%

With a robust tourism sector, the Silver State was among the hardest hit by government lockdowns, over which Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak presided. The incumbent is running against Republican police chief Joe Lombardo, and Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is attempting to win a second term while fending off former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, a Republican.

“Nevada is worse off than the rest of the country in all economic metrics,” the Laxalt campaign told The Daily Wire. “Gas costs more than $6 per gallon in parts of Nevada, inflation is at 16%, double the national average, rent has become unaffordable for many Nevadans, and mortgage rates are rising with interest rates as Biden and Cortez Masto continue to tax and spend, pushing America further into an inflationary recession.”

Nevadans who lost their jobs during the lockdowns and continue to suffer more than their countrymen under pervasive inflation may be inclined to crown a different set of leaders.

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