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It’s Time To Stop Apologizing.

The media has done a really good job of creating a caricature of Candace Owens.

If you get all your news from establishment sites, you’ll find a Candace who’s always on the defense, angry, outraged, upset. But that just couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister. People I’ve worked with have frequently told me they’re surprised to discover that I have a sense of humor, yet humor is one of the qualities that defines me. But the reality of who I am has been completely stripped away in this age of media propaganda that’s intent on casting people as either good or evil, woke or bigot.

A growing number of people understand how this feels because it’s not just celebrities and people with high-profile social media pages who’ve found their true selves stripped away — whether by the media, social media, or woke scolds at work. Every few days we see a new viral story in which someone just minding their own business has been shoved into the brutal spotlight. They are not prepared to defend themselves against the onslaught, and so, we often see them cave to the cancel culture.

I just want to be myself. I just want to be who I am and not feel like I have to self-censor my speech and behavior and thoughts to appease the demands of a bullying culture. That’s what all of us want — to just be who we are. I see evidence of this daily. My followers have reached out to tell me that I’ve given them the permission to be themselves because I do so unapologetically.

This shouldn’t be necessary, especially not in America. This deep desire to be ourselves is one of the founding ideas of this country — individualism, the individual pursuit of fulfillment, happiness. So much of that is simply feeling free to be able to be authentic, unfettered by a tyrannical government or an activist media or the cowards running corporations that bend the knee to the diversity, equity, and inclusion crowd.

But we’re told that this is exactly not what we are supposed to be — that we are not supposed to be ourselves. You are a woman, so you need to be this, we’re told. You are a man, so you need to be this. You are white, black, lesbian, gay, trans, so you need to be whatever the woke tell you to be. And people have allowed themselves to be bullied into obedience. At the same time we’ve transformed into a society where embracing the things we used to all agree upon — family, faith, freedom — is considered ignorant, uninformed, evil. Espousing any of that now requires fake woke repentance and hostage apologies.

It’s time to stop apologizing. We need to create a society where people have the permission to make mistakes and where it’s okay to be authentic. This is the way to redeem the culture.

One of the reasons I’m launching a new show with The Daily Wire is to provide a place where silenced voices are allowed to speak, where things like family, faith, and freedom can be championed unapologetically, and all the PC nonsense is tossed where it deserves to be: the ash heap of history. One thing I can promise you’ll never get from me on the show is a copy and pasted apology. If I make a mistake, I’ll own it and keep moving forward. And I will certainly never apologize for being an authentic individual — because that’s never a mistake.

We are in a crucial moment. None of this — the bullying, shaming, forced apologies — were defining features of our culture a decade ago. We must stand up and say I’m here, I’m a conservative and I’m not apologizing. I’m doing it. Join me.

Candace Owens is an American writer, producer, conservative commentator and the host of “Candace.”

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