Our AI Overlords Are Here And They Really Hate White People

In this photo illustration two different versions of Gemini logo and a Google logo are displayed on a pc screen and a smartphone in L'Aquila, Italy, on February 12th, 2024. Google replaced its AI chatbot "Google Bard" with Gemini. (Photo by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Maybe you’ve heard of something called Nvidia. It sounds like a prescription drug, or maybe an African country, but it’s actually a company based in California that is now worth as much as China’s stock market. It’s the size of Canada’s entire economy.

In a different era, obtaining this kind of growth meant making a massively popular and instantly recognizable consumer-facing product, like Windows 95 or Amazon.com or the iPhone. But Nvidia’s growth didn’t come from making a computer or a popular website or anything like that. Instead, Nvidia’s growth came from making artificial intelligence chips that power the brains of computers and many popular websites. That’s why Nvidia had a very good day on Wall Street on Wednesday. Their business — artificial intelligence — is one of the fastest-growing industries in the history of humanity. Every major corporation is rushing to implement AI in all of their products.

This week, it was Google’s turn. And the results were so disastrous — and so fraught with consequences for the future of this country — that no reasonable person can ignore them.

“Gemini” is Google’s name for an AI that you can download on your phone right now. It’s also integrated into all of Google’s web products, including Gmail and Google search, which are used by hundreds of millions of people and businesses every day. In this respect, Gemini is very different from existing AI products like ChatGPT or Bing’s Image Creator. Pretty much everyone uses a Google product, in one way or another. Either they’re using Google search, or Gmail, or an Android phone, or something along those lines. 

That means two things. One: Google has access to a lot more information than those other AI platforms, a built-in advantage. And two: Whatever Google is doing with AI has significant implications for everyone on the planet. This is not a one-off experiment in some tech mogul’s basement. This is an established company, making established products, that’s now implementing its own AI at scale.

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Google has been hyping Gemini for months. They have a bunch of promotional videos about how they’re going to revolutionize artificial intelligence. The Wall Street Journal has done multiple interviews with Google executives, in which these executives insist that everyone at the company — including Google’s co-founder — is deeply invested in making this product as good as it can possibly be. 

And then, a couple of days ago, Gemini launched. And very quickly, it became clear that Gemini essentially does not recognize the existence of white people. Even in historical contexts, it’s practically impossible to get this product to serve up an image of someone with white skin. That’s not an exaggeration.

Here for example is how Gemini responded the other day when Frank Fleming, a Daily Wire scripted content writer, asked Gemini to “create an image of a pope.” Now you’d think that would generate an image of a white guy or two, if you have even a passing knowledge of what popes have looked like over the years. Instead, this is what Google’s AI produced:

It’s almost as if the AI has some code saying, “whatever you do, don’t display a white person.” That’s really the only way to explain something like this. Frank, who previously worked as a software engineer, seemed to key in on that. So the whole situation quickly became something of a game for Frank, who tried his hardest to get Gemini to produce an image of a white guy — any white guy. 

For example, he asked Gemini to produce an image of a Viking – a group of people who, historically, were not known for their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here’s what Gemini produced:

This went on for a while. Frank and other Gemini users took turns trying their hardest to get Gemini to produce an image of a white guy. Alex Kolicich, for example, tried to get Gemini to generate an image of the founders of Fairchild Semiconductor. The AI flatly refused that request, saying it violated “policy restrictions,” presumably because white guys founded Fairchild Semiconductor. For other prompts — like requests to draw the founding fathers, or a bunch of British men — Gemini simply generated images of black people. It even made sure that its images of Nazis contained a diverse, non-white group of people:

After thousands of images like this began circulating, a guy working on the Gemini team at Google put out a meaningless statement. He said, in essence, that they’re aware of issues with Gemini misrepresenting historical figures. But they doubled down on the need for DEI in artificial intelligence, so that everyone feels seen or valued or whatever. At no point did any Google representative explain why their AI does not even recognize the existence of white people, or why it goes to extreme lengths to exclude white people from history. There was no accounting for this, even though there has to be an explanation.

So I went looking for an explanation. I came across a woman named Jen Gennai, who bills herself on her LinkedIn as the founder of Google’s “global Responsible AI operations and governance team.” In that capacity, Gennai says that she “ensured Google met its AI Principles, our company’s ethical charter for the development and deployment of fair, inclusive and ethical advanced technologies.” She says she took a, “principled, risk-based, inclusive approach when conducting ethical algorithmic impact assessments of products prior to launch to ensure they didn’t cause unintended or harmful consequences to the billions of Google’s users.” Currently, Gennai says she’s an AI ethics and compliance advisor at Google.

What Gennai doesn’t mention on her LinkedIn is that her goal, for a long time, has been to treat white people differently based on their skin color. That’s what she wants her AI to do, and it’s what she does too. Three years ago, Gennai delivered a keynote address at an AI conference in which she admitted all of this. After introducing herself with her pronouns (which are “she/her,” by the way), Gennai explains her philosophy on AI and making mistakes. Watch:

“It’s okay to talk about things you’ve made mistakes in,” says Jen Gennai. “When we’re trying to be good allies — when we’re trying to be anti-racists, we will make mistakes.” Well, in retrospect, after the launch of Gemini, that would turn out to be an understatement. But the kind of mistakes that Jen Gennai is talking about in this keynote aren’t mistakes like “eliminating all white people from Google’s AI.” Instead, she’s talking about failing to live up to the racist ideals of DEI, which apparently means treating non-white employees differently. Watch:

This is the head of ethics of Google AI — a senior manager — saying that it’s a bad idea to treat everyone the same, regardless of the color of their skin. She is explicitly rejecting this basic principle of morality. Instead, she says she learned that she has to treat certain groups differently, because of “historic systems and structures.” Therefore, she says, those demographic groups are entitled to unique treatment and mentorship opportunities.

Later in the keynote, Gennai goes on to explain what “equity” means in her view. And this is where things truly get hilarious, to the extent you can laugh at someone this evil and low-IQ. Watch:

I’ll repeat that because it’s hard to believe someone said this out loud: “Using the title of ‘ally’ can come across as ‘othering,’ so I always state both the groups I’m a member of, and support, as well as the ones I’m more of a mentor and a sponsor of … to ensure that it doesn’t look like I’m othering others.” 

This is the brain trust at Google behind an AI that has access to all of our data. She is incapable of speaking without using an endless stream of vapid DEI cliches that you’ve heard a million times. This is supposedly an original enterprise — artificial intelligence — and it’s being overseen by maybe the least original, least intelligent woman that Google possibly could have found. The kind of person who doesn’t want to “other others,” which seems a bit contradictory. If someone is an “other,” then how do you not “other” them, given that they are an “other.” And by the way, the word “other,” if you check the dictionary, just means “ a person or thing that is distinct from another person or thing. So not othering them means not recognizing that the person is a distinct human entity. It means, I suppose, pretending that all people are indistinct blobs, all lumped together into the great ambiguous blob of all humanity. 

None of this makes sense, but Gennai has made it very clear that this DEI word salad is the guiding philosophy behind Google’s new AI. There’s no firewall between her and the product. Watch:

It’s easy to point and laugh at imbeciles like Gennai and the product that Google has created. On some level, it’s genuinely hilarious that an AI product can be so useless that it can’t generate images of white people — even white historical figures. It’s also amusing, in a way, that Gemini is so unsubtle and ham-fisted that it straight-up refuses to answer questions about, for example, atrocities committed by communist governments, or the Zoom exploits of CNN commentator Jeffrey Toobin.

But the truth remains that the people behind Gemini have extraordinary power. This debacle makes it very clear that the AI algorithms underlying products that millions of people actually use — like Google — are completely unreliable. In fact, they’re deliberately lying to us. They’re down-ranking unapproved viewpoints and disfavored racial groups. And they’re promoting the laziest possible brand of neo-Marxist ideology at every opportunity. And they’re doing it to influence the next presidential election. You might remember that after Donald Trump won in 2016, Breitbart posted leaked footage of Google executives grieving during an all-hands meeting. Watch:

“I find this election deeply offensive. … We all need a hug.” It was at this moment that Google decided that down-ranking conservative websites wasn’t enough. In order to really influence elections, they’ve decided, they needed to develop an AI that will force-feed DEI and anti-white racism on everyone, at every opportunity.

Their only mistake — which is the same mistake they made in that video back in 2016 — is that they were too obvious about their intentions. Now everyone knows exactly where Google stands. And we have a pretty good idea what our future AI-driven dystopia will look like.

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