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New York Governor Cuomo Wants To Ban The Death Penalty…Except For Unborn Children. Go Ahead And Kill Those.

By  Ben Shapiro

This week, the media did everything in their power to avoid talking about the pro-life March for Life, attended by hundreds of thousands of people who braved the cold to stand with the rights of unborn children. Instead, the media manufactured stories out of whole cloth – in particular, the story of a group of Catholic high school boys supposedly harassing a kind elderly Native American gentleman. That story turned out to be false. But at least the American people weren’t subjected to coverage of the actual March itself. That could have disturbed the Democratic narrative that abortion is freedom.

How far has the Democratic Party gone at this point? Let New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) tell the tale. This week, Cuomo celebrated a bill passed by the legislature that legalized the murder of unborn infants up to the point of birth – and even changed the criminal code so that there would be no separate punishment for the murder of an unborn infant (so, for example, if a boyfriend beat his pregnant girlfriend in the belly so hard she miscarried, the only crime would be for his assault on her, not for his killing of the baby). Cuomo ordered that state sites be lit up in pink, in honor of the imminent murder of thousands of more children.

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