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New Media Victory: Polls Proves No One Believes Phony MSM Fact-Checkers

By  John Nolte

A Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely voters released Friday proves that New Media has done an excellent job of exposing these mainstream media fact-checkers as the left-wing frauds they really are. Rasmussen found that just 29% of those polled trust fact-checkers. A whopping 62% believe (accurately) that “news organizations skew the facts to help candidates they support.”

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of voters who support Trump in the presidential race believe news organizations skew the facts, while most Clinton backers (59%) trust media fact-checking. Among the supporters of Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, sizable majorities also don’t trust media fact-checking.

These findings are no surprise given that voters think it’s far more likely reporters will try to help Clinton than Trump this election season.

These lying fact-checkers have no one to blame but their lying selves. These are the lying liars who gave the Obama Administration cover for every lying lie they told to jam the currently-imploding ObamaCare down our throats. These are the lying liars who told us that Carly Fiorina didn’t begin her career as a secretary (she did); that Romney was a liar for claiming Obama had never visited Israel as president (Obama didn’t); that Hillary is healthy (she isn’t); that some American Muslims didn’t celebrate 9/11 (they did), and on and on and on…

Overall, what these numbers prove is something much larger: that in 2016 the media has split in two.

On one side we have the MSM, which has finally stepped out of the closet to announce itself as a left-wing institution. Exposing themselves in this way is the only way they feel they can stop Trump. That genie is now out of the bottle … forever, and that is a very good thing.

The primary reason the MSM was forced to do this is right-leaning New Media, which has exploded in influence, scope, and power in the four years since 2012.

You see, the MSM’s primary goal is always to expand the power and scope of centralized government, therefore they protect the Democrats who share that sinister goal. Before 2016, the media could still pursue this goal without completely removing their Objectivity Disguise. That is just not possible anymore. New Media is too powerful and can only be combated with a nakedly partisan and coordinated pushback.

This phony fact-checking, which began in 2008, was the MSM’s last grasp to reclaim some of the moral authority they lost (for good reason) over the years.

Now that that is gone, the media will forever-after operate openly as a pro-Democrat Super PAC, because it’s all they got left.

And that is a big victory for truth and democracy.

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