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NBC’s Trans Propaganda Accidentally Reveals The Horrific Truth About Trans Ideology

If there’s one thing trans activists desperately do not want you to do, under any circumstance, it’s think back to what life was like before the rise of trans ideology. They need you to believe that, before we allowed men to compete against women in sports and before every company in the Fortune 500 started spending hundreds of millions of dollars hiring demented activists with blue hair, the old world was a bleak hellscape. Children were killing themselves en masse because their subjective sense of gender identity wasn’t being affirmed. In this dark age of transphobia, which ran from literally the dawn of time until yesterday, middle-aged men went insane with despair because they couldn’t cross dress in front of toddlers at the local library. Law firms and consultants simply couldn’t give good advice to their clients on account of the fact they didn’t have any crossdressers in leadership positions. Things were dire.

In order for any sane person to buy into this narrative, it’s vitally important that they not watch any footage from before the mass formation psychosis of trans ideology took hold in this country. So naturally, we’ll begin with some of that footage. Here, for example, is a report by NBC News from the year 2012. This was resurfaced this weekend by the popular account End Wokeness, and quickly went viral. You’ll see why:

That’s a mainstream news anchor explaining that, “It seems ridiculous to have a kid aged 13 or 14 deciding whether they want to have biological children.” She’s saying what most Americans would have agreed with at the time — and still do — which is that it’s crazy to administer cross-sex hormones, which sterilize patients for life, to young kids who are barely teenagers. They are permanently forfeiting their ability to procreate at an age when they cannot possibly understand the implications of such a decision. Just about a decade ago, it wasn’t blasphemy to point this out. It was, instead, the default position of milquetoast personalities on NBC News. 

You’re not allowed to say those things anymore. And it’s easy to see why. The doctor in that clip has no response except to say that children can kill themselves at that age. It’s such a deranged answer that it’s hard to know where to begin in responding to it. Now a person is capable of informed consent as long as they are physically able to commit suicide? What the hell kind of standard is that? 

Also notice how the suicide threat doesn’t do anything to answer any of the objections of critics. Even if it’s true that a child will kill themselves if they don’t transition (and it’s not true, there is no data to support this, and all of human history shows it’s a lie), does that mean that a child really can consent? Does it mean that the boy really is a girl? Are we transitioning the boy because the claims he’s making about himself are true, or are we doing it as a desperate, last ditch effort to prevent him from killing himself? It must be one or the other. Or neither. It turns out that it’s neither.

Raising any of these concerns is now forbidden. If that same anchor said the same thing today, as we all know, she’d be driven out of town by a mob of pitchfork-wielding LGBT activists. So this whole NBC News segment is worth scrutinizing. It’s like a time capsule from before everyone completely lost their minds. To that end, here’s the portion of that NBC News segment where they talk about a young boy by the name of Joseph Romero. Watch:

Joseph Romero clearly expresses confusion and hesitation. In fact, he says that maybe he’s a “boy trapped in a girl’s body,” even though he has a boy’s body already. This is how turned around and upside down this poor kid’s self-perception has become thanks to Munchausen Mommy and her enablers. He has no idea what he thinks about himself. Yet they went ahead and sterilized him anyway.

Imagine looking at a young boy like that, who’s so clearly confused, and saying, “Yeah, he needs to be sterilized.” It’s unthinkable. But that’s exactly what happened. And it happened because Romero’s parents wanted it to happen for a long time. Several years before that segment aired on NBC News, in 2009, Romeo’s parents made it clear they wanted to lock him into his girl identity as soon as possible. So they transitioned him and immediately announced it to the entire world. He’s been profiled by major media outlets since he was at least eight years old.

WATCH: The Matt Walsh Show

Now even if you’re crazy enough to think that a little boy can really be a girl in some mystical sense, you still have to see how there is no benefit to the child to make it a public spectacle. Yet this is what the parents of “trans kids” so often do. But somehow, none of the doctors involved in this boy’s healthcare were alarmed by any of these red flags, in any way. Instead, the doctor featured in this segment, whose name is Johanna Olson, decides to administer so-called puberty blockers to Joseph:

It’s hard to imagine any decent person watching that footage and not calling for the immediate arrest of everyone involved in this production — from the doctors, to the NBC News producers, to the parents. But nobody called for that back in 2012 when it aired. A big takeaway from this segment is that conservatives had a chance to shut down the child gender transition racket early on. If there had been a loud and aggressive response to this agenda in its early stages back in 2012, maybe it never would have made it off the ground. But the conservative movement has historically been incapable of responding to cultural threats until they’re so ingrained that they’ll take decades to root out and destroy. This is a prime example of that. The doctors involved in this barbarism have only gotten promotions and more power.

On Twitter, Billboard Chris reports that the doctor in that NBC News segment is now running the gender clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. This doctor is somewhat infamous for a clip we played on this show a couple of years ago. Here she is explaining that it’s okay to chop off on a young girl’s breasts, because she can always get new ones if she wants:

Any sane human being watching that clip would think, this person shouldn’t be anywhere near children, much less running a “gender clinic.” But the truth is that documentaries and reports about “trans kids” often cite experts like this, who are clearly activists who have no idea what they’re talking about. Everything she says in that clip is either totally false or completely beside the point. She claims that most decisions that teenagers make are good, which is just an insane thing to say if you’ve ever met a teenager, or been one. She claims that you can go and get breasts at a later point in your life after you’ve chopped them off, which is also insane. That’s like saying you might as well chop your arm off because you can always get a new one. No, you can get a prosthetic, but you can never have the actual body part back. 

Most notably, she lists “taking the SATs” as a positive life altering decision that kids make. But that is not life altering in the same permanent and irreversible way that sterilizing yourself and removing body parts is. And besides, kids don’t choose to take the SATs. The SATs are invented and administered by adults, to kids who were either given no choice in the matter by their parents, or were heavily influenced in their “decision” by the fact that every adult has told them that it’s necessary to take the test if you want to be successful in life. If “gender transition” is similar to taking the SATs, as this doctor claims, that only proves that kids who transition are forced to do it, or heavily pressured, just as they are with the SATs. She has made the opposite of the point she was trying to make.

This is pretty common. Inadvertently, trans activists often reveal truths that they wanted to keep hidden. This is especially common in documentaries, like this one from NBC, that show the child transition process. We all remember the clips of Jazz Jennings revealing his deep unhappiness to his mother. Or recall the HBO documentary called “Transhood.” The whole film was full of children who clearly didn’t want to be part of the gender cult. Here’s just one profoundly disturbing segment from the documentary:

The boy is dragged up on stage at the fake church to announce his fake gender, but he has no interest in being a part of this spectacle. His mother is literally pulling him along by his hand, bringing him deeper into a “gender identity” that she picked out for him. Also in the same HBO documentary, we see a young child being recruited by his mother to become a trans activist, even as the boy objects and says that it’s “ruining his life.” Watch:

“It’s ruined my life,” he says. Keep in mind that these are the “trans kids” who they put on TV. These are supposed to be the mascots for child gender transitions. These are supposed to be the case studies that make the child gender transition industry look good. And yet these kids are clearly in pain and confused. They want out. So what about all of those kids who aren’t on TV? What about the ones who don’t make the cut to be profiled by HBO or NBC or TLC?

Watching clips like these, it’s clear there’s a reason the media has been much more careful in recent years about putting so-called “trans kids” on camera. They only do it now for very short propaganda pieces. They don’t let the kids say too much. They’re careful not to show too much.

It’s the same reason they don’t want you talking about news reports from a decade ago. Trans activists desperately don’t want the truth to slip through the cracks. They know that, the more people are able to distance themselves from the relentless propaganda of the moment — the more people can get an unfettered look at the lifelong, debilitating consequences of trans ideology on children — the more transgenderism is exposed for the fraud that it is. The bad news is that, for the past several years, trans activists have largely succeeded in hiding the damage they’ve done. The good news is that, finally, the truth is coming out.


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