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MOB RULE: CNN Hired A Republican Editor. Leftists Whined, So Now She’s A Commentator.

Former spokeswoman for the Department of Justice Sarah Isgur will no longer be joining CNN as a political editor. She will now join as a political commentator.

Isgur had gone through the hiring process and was announced as a 2020 political editor for the network on February 19, 2019. Isgur had no previous experience in a newsroom, but had apparently impressed CNN management enough to get the job.

Isgur worked for the DOJ under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and had drafted the statement announcing Rod Rosenstein would be leaving the Department, according to Axios. Previously, she had been Carly Fiorina’s campaign manager when the former Hewlett-Packard executive ran for office in 2016. In that role, Isgur was critical of then-candidate Donald Trump. She had also previously worked for the Republican National Committee and Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Politico noted that it was uncommon for former political operatives to oversee news coverage when it announced the hiring of Isgur.

A backlash immediately ensued, with Leftists claiming she could not be impartial when it comes to news coverage (as if CNN is known for impartiality). Jonah Goldberg wrote in National Review at the time that going from politics to journalism may be more acceptable than journalism to politics:

“Recall that a remarkable number of supposedly objective journalists found jobs in the Obama administration, including Rick Stengel, Jay Carney, and Linda Douglass. What was unseemly was how so many of these journalists insisted — sometimes with Biblical levels of haughtiness and eye-rolling — that it was nuts to think that mainstream journalists were biased. And, yet, like a flipped quarter landing on heads 99 times in a row, whenever these objective reporters revealed their partisan biases we learned — literally to no one’s surprise — that they were run-of the-mill liberal Democrats.”

Goldberg went on to suggest that with Isgur’s viewpoint being known, she might “try to compensate in the name of balance.”

We’ll never get the chance to know, as Isgur announced on Friday she would be joining the network “as a political analyst instead.”

“It’s been a great vacation but I am back on twitter! And news: I will go to CNN as a Political Analyst instead. Will start next month on air and on line. See y’all soon!” Isgur tweeted.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy posted a statement from a network spokesperson saying Isgur came up with the idea to change job roles.

“We can confirm that when Sarah came to us and proposed her role be adjusted to a political analyst instead, we agreed and we look forward to her starting in that role,” the spokesman said.

Isgur did not immediately respond to a Daily Wire inquiry to confirm this was her idea.

Newsrooms are dominated by left-leaning writers and editors. It is no surprise that a right-leaning person’s hiring would enrage the Left so much that she would need to change her position. Being an on-air personality, however, may be a more desirable position anyway, especially if the money and benefits are the same. Still, it would have been nice to know at least one right-leaning person existed in CNN’s newsroom.