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Melania Mocked For Wearing Timberland Boots To Visit Troops

By  Paul Bois

Once again, the mean girls Left is mocking Melania Trump for something completely ridiculous. The source of the ire now: the First Lady’s choice of Timberland boots while visiting American troops stationed at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq over Christmas.

Taking selfies while speaking with various servicemen, the First Lady looked spectacular as always in her “suede mustard belted blouse with dark green pants,” according to Yahoo News. Overall the meeting appeared to be a success.

None of that seems to matter though, because the First Lady can do no right and her use of Timberland boots is reportedly “out of touch.”

“Is Melania rocking combat boots or Timbs in Iraq?” said one Twitter user. “Melania’s wearing TIMBS! I’m done!” said another. “Melania wearing timbs dndjdjdjd how much more out of touch could she possibly be,” another said.

Another Twitter user suggested the shoe choice had racially insensitive undertones. “Did melania kill timbs or did the ceo of timberlands when he said he wasn’t wit (black)people wearing them casually,” the user said.

For some inexplicable reason, the Christmas season has been one where the Left has sent a lot of hate Melania Trump’s way. It all began when the First Lady unveiled her 2018 Christmas decor, with multiple outlets specifically targeting the 40 topiary trees strung together by cranberries and red berries in the East Colonnade of the White House. Vice even declared that Melania’s decor resembles a “circle of hell Dante could never have dreamed up.”

“It’s 2018: It’s well-established that we live in hell. It only makes sense that the first lady’s Christmas decorations would match the bleakness of the Trump era,” said Vice.

Vanity Fair said Melania Trump’s Christmas decor always seem to have “a touch of menace to them.”

“It wouldn’t be a Trump White House Christmas without, again, a menacing touch to what is otherwise a lavishly and beautifully wrought winter wonderland,” said VF. “This year, crimson red trees dotted a long hallway, dyed with what I assume is liberal blood a-boiling.”

Both Slate and The Cut made similar denunciations of varying cruelty. A Funny or Die video spoof also mocked Melania’s accent and suggested the trees were dipped in blood.

Shortly thereafter, Vogue published a meticulous critique of the First Lady’s Christmas portrait alongside President Trump. Written by an unnamed author, the rather wholesome traditional photo of the First Lady and President Trump was blasted for feeling “so strangely off” while asserting the couple looked “almost like cardboard cutout versions of themselves.”

“They are very, very smiley—despite this season of indictments, and the dissolution of their flagrantly fraudulent charity organization,” it said. “They are also holding hands, a move that is famously out of character for them.

The article then quoted’s Visual Director Emily Rosser to explain why the first couple looks like “wax statues.”

“It’s how they’re lit versus the lighting in the space,” said Rosser. “It makes them look like cutouts.”’s Senior Designer Durrant Santeng simultaneously noted that the lighting was “very overdone.”

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