Megan Rapinoe Is The Worst

If you thought that a place was horrible, racist, homophobic, and anti-women, would you accept one of the highest medals that country awards? Probably not. If the Taliban called me today and said they wanted to award me a medal, I would tell them to kick rocks.

Enter Megan Rapinoe, a person that literally despises America and has made it known. A person that bullied her teammates into kneeling for the flag because it helped her rise to superstardom in the eyes of people who are anti-American, yet she couldn’t get up to the podium fast enough to accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom recently. If she sincerely felt the way she talks, then she would have turned down the invite, but that’s not what clout chasers and hypocrites do.

She is basically the wacky waving, inflatable arm flailing tube man you see at the front of car dealerships — whichever way the wind blows, the hardest she will go. For someone who prides themselves solely on their identity politics, she actually has no real conviction or identity. The problem is bigger than Megan Rapinoe, though, we are rewarding lots of people for hating America. Being a hypocrite is not brave, courageous, or worthy of one of our nation’s highest honors. It only encourages that behavior more and more. These faux heroes are not only a problem for some sports, they are toxic for society.

We have totally warped what a real hero is and have turned it into an award that goes to whoever can virtue signal the best. Let’s give the medal to someone who is actually moving us forward and has a mission to do good and not strive for divisiveness because it makes them more popular. There are so many more deserving candidates out there who aren’t tearing down the fabric of what makes this country great. We need to be as diverse as possible but also not reward people solely because of how they look or who they love; we are better than that. Millions of people over time have sacrificed their lives so we can thrive based on meritocracy – not identity politics.

The arena of sport is one of the last unifiers we have as a society in this country. When you go to a game and your team scores or when you high-five the person next to you, it doesn’t matter who they voted for. It doesn’t matter their stance on a particular bill because at that moment it is about relishing your team’s accomplishments. There have been so many relationships that started at games, problems that have been cured at games, and lasting family memories that have been solidified around sports.

I am not of the “shut up and dribble” crowd because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am also a fan of being able to push back against an opinion without getting canceled by certain media outlets and people. People like Megan Rapinoe are the tip of the spear when it comes to “if you don’t think like me you are evil,” and it turns out those people are the most evil amongst us. Let’s get back to celebrating meaningful achievements being rewarded — not the fake heroes that have already polluted the minds of so many of our nation’s youth.

So ask yourself this: If you hated a place, why would you accept its award? If you think Megan Rapinoe cares about anyone else but herself, think again. As far as the Medal of Freedom goes, being free is being able to voice an opinion without retribution, and we have lost that.

Jake Crain is host of the Daily Wire’s “Crain & Company.”

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