McCarthy Launches Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden. Mutually Assured Destruction Can Be A Good Thing.


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced there would be an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden surrounding all of his activities with his son Hunter as well as the cover-up that’s been attempted by the DOJ of any investigation into Hunter’s activities.

There is a ton of evidence that’s already out in public view, thanks to the so-called “laptop from Hell” that was supposed to be Russian disinformation which was dismissed by the entire media in the months leading up to the last election cycle. We know that Hunter Biden has spent the last decade jet-setting around random countries as a drug addict while paying prostitutes, and he’s been picking up bags of cash from foreign boards while calling his daddy on the phone to prove their connection.

We know tens of millions of dollars have flooded to Hunter’s connected businesses or directly to him. We know Hunter texted his own daughter suggesting he paid his dad’s bills. We know all of these things. The only thing missing is the “smoking gun,” namely some sort of transaction between one of Hunter Biden’s businesses and Joe Biden’s direct bank account. But — it doesn’t require that to prove bribery or corruption.

The Democrats broke the mold when they decided they were going to impeach Donald Trump without actually alleging a crime. Not once, but twice. They said, “We are not going to attempt to push even a prosecutorial motion of what crime was committed.” No statute was actually cited in either of the impeachment papers that were filed. Instead, they were general accusations of corruption and general accusations of pressure.

They could do that because that’s what impeachment is. It’s a political process. But once you say you don’t actually have to allege a crime in order to push impeachment and then you do it twice, why would you think it’s not going to come around and clock you again? They broke the glass. The glass is still broken.

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Here’s the reality: If Republicans did not do the same thing in reverse, Democrats would just continue to do this over and over, because there are two possibilities in terms of going back to the status quo when people didn’t randomly just impeach the president of the opposing party.

Possibility number one: Everyone goes weapons down unless there’s an actual full-scale crime committed that could theoretically be prosecuted but realistically couldn’t be — because the president of the United States is immune to federal prosecution. That would be the better status quo: We don’t prosecute every president or ex-president unless they actually commit a federal crime, and it has to be completely evenhanded in how we pursue justice.

Possibility number two: We impeach everybody. From here until the end of time, we impeach everybody. I suppose we can live with that too. I don’t think it’s the best thing for the country, but I suppose we can do that. That is where we are.

McCarthy had suggested recently that if he were going to move on an impeachment inquiry, he would do so with a House vote. Then he didn’t do so with the House vote. He just declared he had opened an impeachment inquiry. McCarthy may not actually have a majority in the House to open the impeachment inquiry. He has an incredibly slim majority in the House of Representatives right now. All he has to do is lose five Republicans and he doesn’t have a majority in support of an impeachment inquiry. So instead, he’s doing it without a vote.

The problem is, if you don’t have support to open an impeachment inquiry, you may be writing a check that you can’t cash because an impeachment inquiry that doesn’t end with an impeachment looks like an exoneration. And that would look terrible for Republicans.

So why launch the inquiry? The principled reason is that you think you’re actually going to get more information via the impeachment inquiry than you would otherwise. Tons of evidence exists that Joe and Hunter Biden were involved in bargaining together, and they might find that the DOJ was pressuring people like David Weiss to cut a sweetheart deal with Hunter to kill any investigation into his relationship with his dad financially. That’s likely why McCarthy is talking about not just corruption or abuse of power, but also obstruction of justice.

Then there’s another reason, and that is, McCarthy is under severe fire right now from the Matt Gaetz wing of the party. It’s a small wing, but Gaetz is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on McCarthy with regard to spending, and he’s threatening his speakership right now in this quixotic quest. If they want to supplant McCarthy, they need to articulate what concessions they want from him; if they are truly conservative and he refuses to agree, then they have a case. To yell without a plan makes no sense.

But one way for Kevin McCarthy to avoid that sort of pressure is to go back to the base and say, “Listen, I don’t know what you want from me. I’m giving you what you want. I’m giving you an impeachment inquiry. I’m going after Joe Biden. Who’s your alternative?” So he opens the impeachment inquiry and thus avoids the speakership fight.

The inquiry tells Biden: We know you’re corrupt and we are going to come after you with whatever powers we have at our disposal. And that is not a bad thing, ultimately. I think that it is a very worthwhile thing: mutually assured destruction.

If Democrats keep impeaching Republican presidents repeatedly just because they don’t like them, then we’re going to do the same thing to your guys.

And we’ll see just how much they like it.


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