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Left Blames Global Warming For Enormous Iceberg Breaking. There’s Just One Problem.

Talk about burying the lede.

Time issued a tweet with a video alerting readers that a massive iceberg had broken off in Antarctica. As The Daily Wire reported last week:

An iceberg roughly the size of Delaware and 600 feet thick is about to break off from one of the largest floating ice shelves in Antarctica, and the prospect is precipitating fierce debate as to whether global warming is the cause. The iceberg is part of the Larsen C ice shelf in the Weddell Sea, south of the tip of South America. The calving has been expected; a crack in the ice shelf had grown to be over 100 miles long in recent months.

No matter; over video of the iceberg, Time intoned in a caption:

A 1.12-trillion ton iceberg has broken off from Antarctica.


Time continued:

Scientists say the vast iceberg, with twice the volume of Lake Erie, broke off between July 10-12.


Time, on a roll now, added:

The process, known as calving, occurred when a 2, 240-square-mile section broke off.


Of course, the natural response from climate change zealots would be that global warming was to blame, correct?

Correct. Time’s tweet elicited the usual coterie of climate change warriors to assert that dreaded global warming was melting the ice cap.

But then, before the video ended, but after the climate change zealots had rushed to their computers to tweet their rage, unbeknownst to them, Time finally admitted:

It was a natural event that had been anticipated for months and was not caused by climate change.

Well, heck, everyone knows that.

Gee, Time, thanks for the tip!

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