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Lawsuit: Actress, Model Beaten By 10-15 Attackers: ‘F*** Those White B****es’
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An actress and a model were allegedly attacked by a group of about 10–15 individuals early Sunday morning after leaving a Manhattan bar, a lawsuit claims.

According to the New York Post, the suit says actress Jennifer Agostini, 43, and swimsuit model Prendinellys Garcia, 47, were attacked on their way out of the Sky Room. The attackers reportedly yelled racist comments at the women during the beatdown, including: “white motherf***ers,” “dirty white b****es,” and “f*** those white b****es and their money.”

The lawsuit is “seeking to force the venue to hang on to surveillance footage” and other records of the alleged attack, the Post reported.

The victims, according to the Post, have not filed a police report.

“It was just this stampede as we were leaving,” Agostini told the New York outlet. “We just got rushed and assaulted by, I can’t tell you by how many people.”

Agostini sent photos to the Post of her bruised, swollen, and scarred face, which can be viewed below.

“I was pushed onto the ground and eight individual jumped on top of me and brutally assaulted me. I have five stitches in my head. My whole eye is closed. I am going to have numerous scars on my face,” Agostini recalled to the Post.

The actress is set to star in the upcoming show “Brooklyn Ties.”

“I’m a lead character on the series in March,” she said, “and I have to now go see numerous plastic surgeons, and I also have to go back to the concussion center to MRI my head.”

“I have a black eye,” Garcia told the Post. “I have been having a lot of headaches. My whole entire body hurts. They were punching and kicking me on my body.”

“Jennifer got the worst of it,” the model noted, according to the New York Daily News, “There were two or three bouncers there, and no one was doing anything.”

“They were screaming, ‘These white b****es!’” Garcia added, noting that most of the attackers were black females. “I’m Puerto Rican, my girlfriends are white, my husband’s white, everybody else is white. It was crazy.”

Agostini and Garcia do not know what initially sparked the beatdown, though the claims of anti-white comments coming from the alleged attackers clearly points to a racial component.

“The incident touched off when one of their friends tried to go back into the bar for a forgotten credit card after their party had left, according to court papers,” the Post reported. “A bouncer pushed the woman, and they got into a verbal spat when [Garcia’s husband Cal] Stuart told him to lay off, the husband claimed.”

According to the Daily News, the bouncer is described in court papers as “black male, bald head, white goatee, wandering eye approximately six-feet two-inches tall, wearing a black turtle neck and black pants.”

“All of a sudden, 10 to 15 people jumped us,” Mr. Stuart said, adding, “These are beautiful women and their faces are distorted.”

Chris Selletti, a friend of Agostini’s, “said he suffered a ‘puncture to his lung and rib area,'” the Daily News noted.

The Sky Bar Times Square Inc., which is Sky Room’s parent company, along with two other companies, are named in the lawsuit.