JORDAN PETERSON: Why I Joined DailyWire+


I recently joined forces with the Daily Wire in a new venture called DailyWire+. The plan is to build a multimedia empire offering services on the philosophical, educational, journalistic, and entertainment front, including movies, TV shows, and media for children, and an empire that will not fall prey to the woke authoritarianism that has become increasingly mandatory in so many places — including, let’s say, the once great Disney.

Why did I decide to do this? And what does DailyWire+ offer? First, I like working with Ben Shapiro and his crew. Shapiro and I have some great plans to undertake things together that we could not do easily apart. We’re gonna run a seminar on Exodus, for example, in late July, bringing together the smartest and most articulate people we both know to run through that book in an attempt to enlighten ourselves and others and to prepare me to do another biblical series in the same vein as the Genesis productions of 2017. 

Then we’re going to Israel to do something similar there with the holy sites of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In April and May of next year, we’re planning to tour Eastern Europe to talk with political and cultural leaders there, particularly about the legacy of communism and their well-grounded fears of the resurgence of such ideas in the West. And that’s not all. 

Second, I like the unabashedly shameless capitalist ethos of the Daily Wire crew. They made me a great deal financially. One that offers me essentially unlimited creative freedom and opportunity, and still means that I can use YouTube as I have been to offer free content to a worldwide audience. 

I’ve always deemed myself an evil capitalist. I run my own businesses on a for-profit basis with few exceptions, learning through hard experience that the discipline imposed by the necessity of pleasing an audience on an ongoing basis is a plus, not a minus. 

Third, I have been working in isolation for a long time — essentially since departing from the University. I’ve had a very good team of people around me, but we can only do so much while concentrating on producing high-quality educational and journalistic content. Having a professional crew of several hundred people available to handle logistics, filming, production, travel, editing, distribution, marketing, and merchandising is a non-trivial advantage. 

Fourth, it was prudent to protect myself and the intellectual property I have produced and will continue to produce. I was just banned from Twitter, synchronistically, so to speak, the same day I partnered with the Daily Wire. YouTube and I are getting along for now, although their lack of transparency on the algorithm front is worrisome. But God only knows when I will say something that the invisible powers that be (including some that are artificially intelligent in nature) will decide that they’ve heard enough from the reprehensible magic super-Nazi. There are more reasons, but that’s a good start. 

I would like to also let everyone reading know that I have poured over the details of this arrangement for months. I want to thank my daughter, Mikhaila, and her husband, Jordan Fuller for attending so carefully to the details of this. We are thrilled with the outcome and ready to go forward, no holds barred. 

Subscribe to DailyWire+, and you will have immediate access to the new projects that we have posted, including a new mini-series, Dragons, Monsters, And Men, that I recorded as the kickoff for the DW+ project.

DailyWire+ has 890,000 subscribers. Netflix has 200 million. DW+ is not woke. Is Netflix? Decide that for yourself, but give some consideration to supporting this new joint venture and help us continue educating and informing and battling on the side of tradition in the raging culture war.

Thanks very much. All of you.

This article is a transcript excerpt from Dr. Jordan Peterson’s YouTube channel. You can watch the full video here

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