In The Tank For Biden: How Legacy Media, Big Tech, and Democrats Are Teaming Up
Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, listens during a news conference in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021. Biden in his first full day in office plans to issue a sweeping set of executive orders to tackle the raging Covid-19 pandemic that will rapidly reverse or refashion many of his predecessor's most heavily criticized policies.
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For the Left, the world changed on January 20th when Joe Biden arrived hand-in-hand with Kamala Harris to save us from the supposed “trauma” of the outgoing Trump administration. During the Inauguration, Biden echoed the promises of his campaign, implying that everything will change. Things will be different. We can heal, united, together.

Instead, as we’ve witnessed in the first few days of Biden’s administration, the American political and cultural machine — after working to get him elected — are now working to elevate him as a shining beacon of unprecedented success.

CNN’s COVID Coverage

During Trump’s last year in office, reporters and anchors at CNN were falling over each other to criticize the Republican administration. They even displayed a “COVID-19 death counter” during their coverage, reminding Americans in real-time of the pandemic’s impact.

After Inauguration day, the importance of COVID seemed to suddenly diminish, with some critics claiming that their death tracker had even disappeared entirely.

Others may have noticed that CNN — a constant critic of rival conservative networks as spreaders of “misinformation” or “disinformation” — actively engaged in the distribution of misinformation with an utter lack of any journalistic integrity.

White House Press Coverage

Every White House Press Secretary under Trump, culminating with Kayleigh McEnany, was grilled mercilessly and incessantly by journalists at every opportunity. It should be understood that, in an ideal world, this should be the expected behavior of journalists when interacting with the political apparatus. They should ask difficult questions.

Given this reasonable position, you would assume that Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, would be given the same treatment? Her feet would also be held to the proverbial fire of truth. Well, no.

Despite the Washington Post declaring that we, “get ready for reality-grounded White House press briefings,” Psaki’s first day was to Sean Spicer’s as a light walk is to a sprint across No Man’s Land.

You could almost see the media take their collective foot off the gas pedal, with deep and insightful questions such as “Will [Biden] keep Donald Trump’s Air Force One color scheme change?” 

When Peter Doocy, White House Correspondent for Fox News, asked why President Biden failed to follow his own mask mandate, Psaki’s response was that Biden was “celebrating an evening of a historic day in our country.”

Finally, when asked about Biden’s abortion policies, Psaki responded that the president was a “devout Catholic” and had recently attended church.

Unfortunately, the legacy media’s commitment to “discovering the truth” seems to have suddenly evaporated. How odd.

Governors and Mayors Opening Back Up

In an act of unforgivable political cynicism, multiple Democratic mayors and governors intentionally knee-capped their own economies — placing thousands of their constituents in economic peril — in order to hold the country hostage and achieve a win for Joe Biden. Now that Biden has entered the White House, further economic collapse would be inconvenient, and so many have — miraculously — decided that it is time to open back up, even as COVID-19 deaths remain shockingly high.


Twitter and Amazon

For months on end last year, riots exploded across the country as BLM and Antifa members attacked government buildings, looted stores, and committed acts of violence against American citizens. While politicians turned a blind eye, hoping to make political profit by presenting the violence as an understanding reaction to systemic problems, social media companies — including Twitter — dragged their heels when it came to shutting down related accounts.

However, as Antifa continued to riot in cities after Joe Biden’s Inauguration, the attitude was suddenly one of immediate action, with Andy Ngo reporting that Twitter had suddenly suspended “several prominent Antifa accounts.”

Not only that, on the day of the Inauguration, Amazon released an open letter to President Biden saying that they stand “ready to assist you in reaching your goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of your administration.” No such offer was present before Inauguration day, despite the vaccine rollout beginning weeks prior.

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