Presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks during a Voter Mobilization event at Riverside High School in Durham, North Carolina on October 18, 2020. (Photo by Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via Getty Images


WALSH: If You’re A Christian, You Simply Cannot Vote For Biden

No matter how you feel about Trump.

I am not here to claim that a Christian has any duty to vote for Republicans. The Republican Party is not the official Christian Party and Christians have no moral or spiritual obligation to it. I am also not going to argue that Donald Trump is a man of deep faith or high moral character, because I don’t believe he is either of those things. Whatever you decide to do on Election Day, what I can say is that if you’re a Christian (or an adherent to any other major religion, for that matter), you simply cannot vote for Joe Biden. You can, obviously, in the sense that you have the right to, and the physical ability to, but you cannot do it justifiably, or in a way that is consistent with your professed worldview. The reason is very simple. 

Let’s leave aside any question of personal character. I think that Biden’s reputation as an unassailably decent and honest man is more a function of political branding than actual reality, but never mind that. All that really matters is what sort of things Biden will do. The policies he will support. The agenda he will follow. The bills he will happily sign. I don’t see how it is possible to be a decent man while enacting evil policies, but even if it is, what good is such decency? If a man smiles while he punches you in the nose, your nose will be no less broken. And in the case of Biden, the consequences are far worse than broken noses. 

Sixty million children have already been slaughtered by abortion since Roe v. Wade, the grotesque and ludicrous Supreme Court decision that Biden supports and has pledged to defend with all his might. As a Christian, or simply as a person with a functioning moral compass, there is no way to minimize 60 million murdered babies. We are compelled to see it just as it is: unthinkable wickedness, an historic atrocity, an injustice of unfathomable proportions. The Catholic Church calls abortion a moral evil and a grave offense against the dignity of the human being. Joe Biden, the “Catholic,” fully supports and endorses this moral evil and intends to ensure that the slaughter continues. Indeed, he intends to fund the slaughter — or rather, to force you to fund it.

After opposing tax funding of abortion for many years, Biden recently reversed himself and decided that American citizens should be coerced at proverbial gunpoint to contribute financially to the extermination of children. Biden does not now support any restrictions on abortion. He believes that mothers have God-given authority to execute their offspring, and he plans to do everything in his power to protect that sacred right.

His running mate, we should note, is even more radically infanticidal than Biden himself. Kamala Harris has been given a 100 percent perfect score from the pro-abortion group NARAL for a reason.

This is all that should need to be said about good ol’ decent Joe. It is all that a Christian should need to hear. There is no way to say “yeah but” after hearing that a politician favors the continued mass butchery of babies. It is not like some other fact about him, or some additional item on his political platform, could somehow balance things out. As it happens, the additional items on his platform are quite bad in and of themselves anyway.

Biden is an enemy of religious liberty, vowing, among other things, to reinstate Obama’s policy of forcing nuns to allow “access” to contraception. Biden has also said that passing the Orwellian and inaccurately named “Equality Act” would be one of his first priorities as president. This law would make both sexual orientation and “gender identity” into protected categories under the Civil Rights Act, meaning that a man who identifies as a woman would now be the victim of a civil rights abuse should this self-identification not be respected by, say, a women’s shelter that he is demanding access to. This is not only an assault on religious liberty, as it forbids the people who run these organizations from operating according to their religious and moral beliefs, but also an assault on science and basic common sense.

On a related note, Joe Biden very recently endorsed the notion that an 8-year-old boy ought to be able to transition into a girl. Whether he really believes this madness or not is another question. The fact remains that he has at a minimum pretended to buy into the most dangerous and fantastical claims made by the most radical elements of his base, and promised to govern accordingly.

Speaking of radical elements, Biden is a staunch proponent and supporter of the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter — a group that has, in its spare time between fomenting race riots and calling for the defunding of police departments in the most crime-plagues communities in the nation, also publicly pledged to “disrupt” the nuclear family. 

Personality aside, this is what Joe Biden supports. These are things he plans to actually do. Granted, he probably won’t send as many mean tweets, and his speeches will be less ad libbed and probably include fewer profanities (though there’s no guarantee on that second point). But that is window dressing. What should matter most to us as Christians is that, even if he’s less bombastic about it, he will help to shape America into a country that is more hostile to our faith, and more dangerous to our children, and more fundamentally opposed to us and what we believe. He doesn’t deserve our support, hasn’t earned, doesn’t seem to even want it, and therefore shouldn’t receive it. Do what you like with your vote. Just don’t use it to undermine yourself, and the values you supposedly hold dear. 

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