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Hungary To Remove Gender Studies From Universities, Says Courses Based On ‘Ideology Rather Than Science’

By  Ashe

Gender outrage warriors will have to be taught grievances from somewhere else in Hungary, as the country’s government has decided to remove gender studies programs from state-run universities.

A government official said the programs are based on “ideology rather than science,” and should not be taught in higher education, according to the Hungarian political magazine Heti Világgazdaság and a translation in the left-leaning Pluralist and other outlets. Another government spokesman told Breitbart News that the degrees were of no use to students looking for work.

“There is no economic rationale for studies such as these,” he said, as the degree does not “furnish students with skills that can be readily and directly converted on the labour market.” He added that the programs aren’t sustainable and “take away valuable resources from other programs, deteriorating the economic stability of universities.”

To be fair, just two universities in the country even offer the program at the graduate level, and only 13 students total enrolled in them this year.

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